Rumored iPad 5 parts assembled for real video peep show

Apple has been working on redesigning the full-sized iPad for a while now with a goal towards making it thinner - which means lighter - and bringing it into line with the new design language introduced with the current iPad mini. Like with the iPad mini, however, battery life is the enemy of thin, Retina iPads. The video above represents alleged parts for that design, assembled and put on display by Macotakara.

It looks like what I heard the iPad 5 would look like months ago, but whether it's genuine parts or a knock off based on leaked specs is impossible to say. If accurate, it's just one more sign that Apple's getting the LED, chipset power consumption, screen tech, and battery life levels to where they need them to be in order to launch a full sized, Retina iPad that's no longer quite so fully sized.

I still use my iPad 4 for comic books and TV and movies, so the idea of a 9.7-inch screen that shoved into a light, svelte, iPad mini-style casing holds a lot of a appeal for me. How about you?

Source: Macotakara via Nowhere Else

Rene Ritchie

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