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Samsung goes on the attack, pits Galaxy Note 10.1 stylus vs. the new iPad

Wow, Samsung really didn't waste any time putting together this handy, if incredibly skewed chart showing how their upcoming Galaxy Note 10.1 compares with the New iPad announced by Apple today. The Note 10.1, which will no doubt sell hundreds of dozens of units, does indeed come with some fancy stylus integration and a more desktop-like user interface, thanks to Android.

The new iPad, which will no doubt sell tens of millions of units, comes with everything else... like apps, accessories. and a fantastic, mainstream user interface.

Kudos to Samsung though. Way to bring a stylus to an experience fight!

Source: Samsung PR

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • No yes or no chart for malware...
  • Have yet to meet or encounter anybody that has ever gotten malware on a Android device. Especially when using only official app stores.
  • I have yet to see anyone use a stylus on a droid tablet, let alone dual screen. Yet that's all Samsung talks about.
  • I have used the HTC Flyer with Scribe BT pen for 6 months and frequently used it to make notes on a map or circle a house that is for sale or give directions. It is really a handy device. I carry it in a front pocket everywhere I go and a phone in the other pocket. My iPad gets used mainly around the house as it is just awkward to carry when out and about. I would prefer to carry a single device such as Galaxy Note, but would like closer with a pen that doubles as a BT handset that could be clipped to a shirt pocket.
  • You've freaking joking right?,2817,2399778,00.asp
  • One thing they forgot to add to this is that android's UI sucks majorly.
  • You can win any contest if you get to define the rules :p
  • Apple is notorious for this type of marketing. Just take their iPad even for example...4x faster than nVidia's Tegra3? I'd like to see empirical evidence for this.
  • No you wouldn't, it was just make you cry
  • This blog is so lame the person who put this together is a homo. Tens of dozens? More like millions. Did you forget samsung outsold apple?
  • Uh, when exactly did a Samesong tablet out sell the iPad??? You fandroids are just like Samesong. Grasp at anything to try and justify your purchase. Go do your homework before you post son.
  • Solid take.
  • Blackberry playbook can run as many as you want apps at same time, you can record video, play video, play youtube on browser all at same time, oh and people for taking notes, you can do that too.
  • What's a blackberry?
  • same as what apple is
  • your mothers ass
  • I love the way Apple fans like to break down the popularity of iOS. Andoid "does" outsell iOS. You can't just compare Apple to one manufacturer (Samsung) because Android users have "choice" unlike Apple.
  • Dude all samsungs phones combined didn't outsell the iPhone. Samsung has sold 10 million tablets since they came out at best.
  • Lol, typical Apple drone. Now shutup douche...
  • "Shipments" does not equate to being in customers hands. Most of these numbers represent units to stores (Best Buy, Target, etc...)
  • Guess you missed all those MANY reports in the months since the one you linked that had Apple pull ahead with 4S sales, and then the two evening out over the holidays. And that's just phones.
    Did you happen to see the direct quotes from Samsung PR regarding tablet sales last week at MWC? You might want to check those.
  • I wouldn't own anything with the Samsung name on it again. I've had three phones, all junk. I warned several friends not to buy Samsung, they did anyway and now regret the purchase because their phones are junk. So why trust their tablets.
  • Eric and Steve,
    Quit with the name-calling. This isn't the 7th grade hallway! (although maybe you are only 12 years old?)
    Calling people names only undermines your argument and labels you as a TROLL.
  • Samsung is clearly delusional about what post PC devices mean. Stop comparing your trucks to a Porsche!
  • Still thinking Apple has killed the PC? Lol. THAT is the best laugh in all this hoopla for the 99%ers to line up for the "the newest cultural event" from Apple.
  • That has to be the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.
    That last point under 'Other Features' is actually a negative. I can buy an iPad with 64GB of memory, built in and never have to worry about my SD card getting corrupted.
  • Yep. Just the internal memory that has to be replaced by Apple.
  • Since when has the internal flash memory in an iPod touch/iPhone/iPad gone corrupt? As opposed to an SD card which can easily be corrupted if the device fails to dismount the SD card properly before ejecting.
  • You just made my point. Eject the card no problems occur. That is pretty common knowledge in this day & age.
    And I've replaced 2 ipod touches due to corrupt memory.
  • I have had hundreds of pictures get corrupted on droid phones because the cards go bad so fast. Every droid phone in my family has gone through at least one card. Lost pictures, lost data, you name it. I have never seen a problem with built-in memory.
  • LOL
  • And I thought an ESPN writer comparing Payton Manning to the iPad 3 (story from this morning) was the best quote I would see all day. But leave it to iMore to give me; "...will no doubt sell hundreds of dozens of units...". Instant classic.
  • Agree.
  • After today's keynote all I can say is - nice knowing you Samsung.
  • Why? There's really noting "revolutionary" here... I don't think too many android users will be lining up to buy this, the same way iOS users won't be lining up to buy the latest android tablets. Apples and oranges ;)
  • Roid users won't, but consumers looking to purchase a tablet will line up. It's called "a new customer".
    And most Apple customer remain fairly satisfied with their purchases.
    Game, Set, Match.
  • Yes sheep will always line up even if Apple starts selling rock with Apple logo for $500.
  • Yeah, but it's gonna be the best effing rock you could imagine.
  • A rock that has a dual-core processor and touch screen, haha.
  • Whats the matter, mummy didn't get you an iPad for Christmas and now your all bitter?
  • So what I'm guessing Samsung is trying to say is that the next revolutionary innovation in tablet computing is note taking? An S-pen? Really?? So what do you do with this tablet after you no longer need to take notes?
    Here's an idea all you tablet manufacturers, why not catch up first to the iPad, rather than thrash out comparison charts on the things you've developed successfully but nobody really is willing to spend any money on!!! Kind of like pulling up your tri-cycle next to a motorcycle and saying "Hey idiot!! You think you're bad ass?? Look what i just did!! I just added a bell!!" Cha-ching cha-ching!!!
    And that ir remote for controlling home theatre is very impressive, but have you figured out a way to deliver content from the tablet to my 55inch display?? No?? So really I'm just buying a big ass remote control with note taking capabilities.
    Wow!! So special!!
  • While the ipad/iphone is a good device. What it lacks in is choice.
    Personally i think they both are ugly(remember this is an opinion so don't chew my head off)
    Right now I like android. Plenty of good phones to choose from. And have greater customization . and also 99% of the stuff you have to jailbreak the iphone to do, u can do on an android phone. Until that changes android is where it is at.
    I don't need a company like apple or microsoft to tell me how i use my devise or what I do with it.
  • Oh get ready. You are not among friends here.
    I read this site since my kids use ipods & my wife an iphone 4. I prefer Android as well. But I can't help but jump in on some of these stories glorifying apple. Of course I'm thick skinned so I can take it.
  • Many of the things I would care to do with Android require rooting the device. You know, things we Apple fans take for granted like updates that don't take 6-12 months to trickle down to our device, if we're luck to get them at all. Or device backups to the cloud that include app data and settings.
    If you have to root to do some basic things, and several more advanced things like being able to dump the crappy skins that get tacked on and weigh the OS down, what's the difference? Why do so many Android fans look at jailbreaking and rooting so differently?
  • Simple. Rooting an android device opens it up to sooo much, including usually being the first to have the latest updates. Jailbreaking an iOS device opens up a lot too, but makes you dead last in getting updates unless you want to lose your jailbreak. I have both an android phone and an iPhone. Love both, but my android phone is rooted and has the latest software running on it and runs beautifully. I thought about jailbreaking my iPhone but decided against it since apple works so hard to break jailbreak with every new release.
  • Ah, yes . Choice! Problem is, you have to make one for it to mean anything. Tell you what. Name the best phone you would buy today for the same price as an iPhone. Remember, you have to pick one and only one! Let's compare it to the iPhone. Otherwise, you're just blowing smoke, ain't cha?
  • It will be the galaxy s3. Will be released in a couple months. Though it doesn't matter what i say. So much Apple fanboyism in here. Iphone/Ipad is the best thing ever.
    Ipad being Post PC(meaning end of pc). let see you play BF3 on ipad, or run cuda.
    But that's ok last time I even come in here, prob wont even read/see ur reply. You enjoy you Iphone/pad. And i will enjoy My Android.
  • I think you made your point for him. When asked what phone you would buy today that beats the iPhone you specify a phone that hasn't been released yet.
    Android is always about to beat the iPhone with its next model / OS / etc. That's the whole point - iPhone models are good enough right now.
    You can walk into an Apple store and walk out with the best phone in the world in five minutes - you don't have to research it on the Internet and then wait a few months for it to be released.
    Sure, there's an Android phone that matches it (on paper) in the pipeline, but guess what? There's a new iPhone coming out this year too.
  • I'll take a stab at your little challenge. I use an unlocked Galaxy S II on T Mobile. Does everything I need & more. I can do with it as I please with virtually no hiccups. It's fast with a clean interface (go ahead say how difficult Android is to use compared to a row of icons like iOS).
    I'll cross compare against iphone 4 or 4S any time & in my opinion this phone wins. But I don't need anybody here or at Android Central to tell me what works for me. I use what I want & what provides the functionality I need.
    Want to know what is best about it? I don't feel as if I have to defend or justify the purchase to my neighbors or my banker. That seems to be a teend in appleland. You make your choice as to what you buy, then demand that everybody else acknowledge it is the best. Oh and apple invented the earth so everybody else must pay to inhabit it. Unfortunately there are those of us out here that have been alive since the whole computing revolution of the 80's began & are well aware of the entirety of the bulls*** that was (and is), the myth Steve Jobs & his sway over the fanatic.
    You have your choice, limited though it be, & I have mine. Enjoy.
  • "Want to know what is best about it? I don’t feel as if I have to defend or justify the purchase to my neighbors or my banker. That seems to be a teend in appleland. You make your choice as to what you buy, then demand that everybody else acknowledge it is the best."
    You may not have to defend or justify it to your neighbors or your banker, but it SURE sounds like you're defending and justifying it to everyone on this site. It continues to amaze me how polarized the Android vs. iOS battle really is.
    Neither one is going to completely eliminate the other - there will always be at least one alternative choice just because the market size is so massive.
    So make your choice, enjoy it and move on.
    And save your fanboi comments (on both sides).
    Full disclosure - I own an iPhone 4, iPad 1 3G/64GB, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi and a 32gb HP TouchPad.
    There are features on each one that I like over the others.
    My current preferences are the iPhone 4 and Galaxy Tab when I travel, and I use the iPad at home when I'm not close to my laptop (Windows).
    Let's all just get along, people. Friendly banter back and forth is always welcome (and sometimes entertaining), but let's not sink this to a level it doesn't deserve.
  • Total Android sales daily worldwide is 850,000 and that does not include WiFi only Tablets. Yes, that is per day. How many cellular connected devices does Apple sell daily. I don't hear that number. And then there are choices, 900 different types with various sizes and features. If you count all variations of Apple devices, do you get a bakers dozen? Remember it not only Samsung making Android.
  • What's your point? 7+ billion people take a dump everyday but I'm still not interested in buying sh*t.
  • Don't forget that can attach a mouse to the thing... A mouse! A mouse!!! Sh*t, I think I just cracked a rib.
  • Tell me when you have some features that anyone actually cares about, otherwise, new iPad for me!
  • Nearly every single point on here is about viewing two apps side by side. Gee Samsung what a great feature.
  • Other than a so called "retina display" I see no reason to rush out to the apple store, pitch a tent, miss work & use sick days, etc etc etc.
    And for what? A device that does maybe 1/3 of what a budget laptop can do for $150-200 less than apple's overpriced status symbol? To each their own I guess. But some funny comments from Rene none the less.
  • If you're on a budget, you're not going to buy a sports car. You're going to but a compact. Doesn't make sense to talk about a compact when everyone else is talking about sports cars. =/
    Tablets are nice devices to consume content. They're much nicer to use for the paper in the morning, the commute, soecialized work apps, productivity/organization, seeing what friends did today while lying in bed... etc. There's a lot of use for a tablet which, in my opinion, is more integrated into life than a laptop will.
  • Its 10.1". It's Galay Note. It's so stupid!
  • Its 10.1". It's Galaxy Note. ...sigh...
  • The writer of this post is obviously a hater as whoever it is only focuses on the stylus aspect. How bout focusing on the fact that the note will be able to work on two apps side by side. This is a HUGE leap over double clicking a home button and switching between two apps.
  • Yea a huge leap... Cuz I can wait to listen to music while I... Oh wait I can... I can't wait to take notes from a web site and... Oh yea there's copy paste... Oh yea I got it, I can't wait to return to 1996 and whip out my styl... Crap it fell out and got lost, but that's ok I'll just order a new one from Samsung... Damn if only I could have the part number in one window and the browser open in another... Got to get back to my job at samsung comparing oranges to sneakers, and continuing to miss the point.
  • They took one feature (running two apps side-by-side) and somehow turned it into three "features?" Lolwut?
  • So it comes down to 2 features Galaxy has over iPad - viewing 2 apps side by side and a pressure sensitive stylus. No doubt these will be very appealing to a few people, but get real. Oh, and I can use a mouse. Yup. That's what my iPad's been missing while I'm surfing the web on the couch, a mouse. And a pressure sensitive stylus.
  • SAMSUNG- "history is innovation!" let's wait for something that was big to evolve and fade away... Then we can re-release it and cling to it like a life raft!! Genius!! Next up- SAMSUNG introduced lead based paints for baby rooms... Genius!!
  • Wow!!! Way to go Samsung!!! Big deal, you have pen? Pressure sensitive? Custom interface and desktop? Widgets? Voice recognition? IR port? adobe flash? Real file management? Full Google maps? Side by side apps? ...Android has no apps! Which is useless even in water resistant devices.
    I laugh at the "Droid" guys, they think they are so cool, but I really feel sorry for them..... they can have really cool devices but they don't have an iPad and all the experience an legacy of iOS. I'd better start camping for iPhone 5.
  • And your iPad is god sent. It is perfect and there can't be anything wrong with it until new iPad will come out. NewIPad is good device and I think still better than most available options in it's segment at least for now. (unlike smartphone market). Enjoy your device, love it, be fan of it but don't worship it blindly.
  • FYI, my post is a sarcasm.
  • Wow, Rene really didn’t waste any time putting together this handy, if incredibly skewed article.
    I was hoping the bias would be toned down a notch with the transition to iMore, but apparently not.
    Yes, Samsung produced a biased graphic, point taken. But how is this newsworthy in any way? A company promoted their own product, while pointing out potential flaws in the competition's product? WOW! I never would have expected that!
    I'd much rather read about the features of the new iPad (which I'll have on day one), or the (no doubt upcoming) "what we missed out on" article than this.
  • if all you people are supporting apple cus you all are user, lets me real ipad didnt achieve anything REALLY big same as their 4s. even thu im a blackberry user, i hope apple soon brings something new to market soon. lte was a good step.
  • Much rather have the Asus transformer prime. Sure it doesn't have 3g or 4g, I will just wireless teather(for free). my LTE from my phone.
    It looks better. and in alot of ways just as good or better.
  • Oh forgot gorilla glas which prime has, doesnt look like ipad3 has
  • Has Corning
  • It sounds nice, Android users shall enjoy it.
  • Samsung had to make a tablet with a stylus. It's the only thing Apple didn't have a patent for.......
  • Don't you just love how Apple disciples talk about patents and praise every little improvement released in iOS?
    First copy/paste.
    Then video!
    Then push notifications.
    Then multitasking.
    Then notification drawer (patent?).
    Then Siri. (Called voice search in Android for the past 3 years). Which for some reason is only available if your iPhone's case has an 's' printed on it.
  • Apple has a track record for releasing features late that have already been in other devices, but really it's not about the features itself, it's about how thought through they are and how easily they integrate into everything.
    I'll give you the point about video (though I didn't see anyone actually praise that too much) and notifications ... but have you actually USED an iDevice and any of those features on it for a while? Are you really saying that these features have really been implemented better in Android at the time that Apple added them to iOS?
    Apple seems to give a lot of things more thought than other companies and subsequently they will come out later than most but also skip most of the problems that have cropped up for other implementations. The iPad and iPhone are noteworthy example. Just look at ANY tablet device released before the iPad. Or look at the first plans for Android before the iPhone was released and how significantly Android changed after the iPhone came out.
  • Your are completely right. Apple releases really well thought features that work really well. (I.e. the touch smoothness is great) And they changed the mobile world and set the bar, regardless if they copied features from Palm, Newton, Windows or Android. (Where the latter ones also copied features from Apple). I myself used an iPhone 3G for 2 years until I realized what I was missing on the other side of the fence. My wife has an iPhone 4 and I have an iPad 1, both with iOS 5. And as you say, the features that Apple allowed the devices to have work really well, but I get annoyed that I need to jailbreak to get more features. One thing I really dislike is the way Apple handles files. In Android, files are organized like in a computer where you can download, upload, edit, copy, delete, move, attach and convert without an iTunes Police. Anyways, the one thing that annoys me the most about Apple is that their devices could do twice as more, but they choose not to. and I don't think is because of lack of intellect... maybe it's a business strategy to keep those sidewalk campers in a trance waiting for Apple to feed them another little spoon of soup.
  • Additionally:
  • Sorry but if you think the notifications, multi-tasking or any of the other features that iOS has copied from Android have been done better then I doubt you've used an Android device. At BEST they are on par. Notifications is still not well thought out and multi-tasking isn't thought out at all. Its a bolt on feature. I had a niece that upgraded from a very poor performing budget Android device to an iPhone 4s. Within two hours she took it back for a Galaxy Nexus. She said trying to navigate back and forth between and within apps as well as across multiple means of communication with a particular contact was horrible. For the most part this type of stuff simply doesn't exist in iOS. Its a great system for entry level users but please don't confuse limiting what a user can do to cut down confusion with actually thinking through and simplifying a UI while maintaining the same level of capabilities. Apple isn't doing that at all.
  • Sorry...Galaxy S II...not Nexus.
  • Still, IOS is simply better than Android, deal with that.
  • Wow, imore site is getting a lot of attention from the fandroids suffering from lack of good information. Don't worry Rene, all these fandroids boys whose in here ranting, will be in the apple store on 3/16 playing with the new iPad and asking the store rep if they have any in stock. Hahahaha. They will all buy the new iPad.
  • This isn't Samsung on the attack, it's Samsung crying in a corner going 'but, but, but we have a stylus'.
  • Finally, something that displays my disappointment with the new iPad. I love Apple, but seriously, they lost some ground with this last release. They're gonna have to stop being so relaxed if they don't want Google leaving with all their customers (including me).
  • LOL
  • Samsung seems troubled by The New iPad and they are throwing anything they can get their hands on at it. It is both childish and hilarious! I lower my head in disbelief every time they do something this dumb in response to Apple. Ultimately, I Can't blame them. Things weren't looking especially good for Android tablets and now the floor has been pulled from under them. It must be frustrating after all their efforts at CES and MWC! Anyway, sucks to be them and their customers. I just placed my order and it should arrive around my birthday.
  • The problem with Android tablets isn't that they suck. The hardware on several of the devices is solid enough. Unfortunately, it's the direction that Google took with their OS that is killing them. Remember, I'm talking tablets here, not Smartphones.
    When Apple rolled out the original iPad, everyone sat back and waited to see what the reception would be like. Would it turn out to be a big iPod Touch, or could it become more than that? As we all know, the iPad excels at being easy to use, and devs took advantage of this. Unfortunately, rather than follow suit with a product that would draw in consumers, Google decided to stand apart and take a different direction. They made a tablet OS on steroids. Unfortunately, in doing that, they painted themselves into a very limited use case. Go ahead and knock the iPad for its limitations, but that ease of use and simple focus is what draws in novice users. The iPad took a massive bite out of Netbook sales, and carved out a sizeable market segment for Apple. Conversely, Google went for the high end consumer that wants more power, but at that price, can't always offer as high end an experience as a comparably priced laptop. It isn't that Honeycomb completely sucked (although it isn't very intuitive at all), it just can't generate broad appeal at a similar price to the iPad. No broad appeal = lack of native apps = continued lack of broad appeal.
    Now Amazon, on the other hand, hit it out of the park. They made a consumer-friendly device that stands out from Apple on a key front- price. In doing so, they carved out another big chunk of the market for themselves.
    Now Google has a big problem on its hands when it comes to tablets. Are they going to make future OS versions more consumer friendly, which is very obviously where the money is, or are they going to try and hold course? If they do, how the hell do they plan on competing with Microsoft and Windows 8? If they pull off what they say they are going to deliver, the high end user will be able to have his desktop cake and eat it too. Android will never have any hope of enterprise adoption at that point. If that happens, what market is left for them to really go after?
    If you think I am blowing smoke here, go take a look at the quotes from Andy Rubin and from Samsung PR regarding tablets from MWC last week. I'll boil it down. Samsung is currently the most successful Android tablet maker. Samsung PR says their tablet sales have been poor. No reading between the lines required.
  • The author of this article, that is the chief editor of this site, is incredibly biased in all of his articles. I come onto this site in order to gain professional and unbiased information concerning my apple product and always find that in every article, he attempts to bash on android developers and products. I say he stops letting his emotions get in the way. We all know that apple produces great products and that's all we should care about. I say the reason why the new ipad came out with a quad core processor is because of the competition by samsung, asus and every other android product. I just hope the writer can grow up, gain some logic and stop acting like a child and more like a professional.
  • What competition? The reason Apple can out with a quad core GPU is because the screen has 4x the pixels. Apples not reacting to the other tablet makers, it's dancing to it's own beat.
  • I doubt Apple feels much pressure to keep up with devices it outsells many times over.
  • You need to provide a link for the original source.
  • As a digital artist, this type of tablet has been EXACTLY what I've been looking for. The only thing that came close before this was Lenovo's Thinkpad Tablet, but their tech support wasn't able to give me a clear answer on its pressure sensitivity levels. 255 isn't much compared to Wacom's Intuos or Cintiq's, but a tablet is portable. Both of those I'm tethered to either a laptop or desktop. Yeah, note-taking might not be too terribly exciting, but I'm sure college students could be watching a lecture in one window and taking notes along the side. But for me, as a digital artist, I'll have so much more portability to sketch and paint digitally. Why they don't ever try to market these things to artists I will never know. But this tablet, just sounds awesome from an artists perspective.
  • which tablet are you referring to that sounds awesome for digital artists..????
  • shame apple can't embrace the pressure-sensitive screen of the galaxy note.. with the wacome stylus, that thing is awesome for taking notes, scribbling, drawing, editing etc... the new ipad with a pressure sensitive screen would be killer.. allow those that want to take notes to treat it really like a pen and ink notepad... right now, i still need to use this big rubber-ended stylus on ipad that is just not precise enough...