Samsung's odd-shaped Galaxy Buds live are half price on Prime Day

Samsung Galaxy Buds Lifestyle
Samsung Galaxy Buds Lifestyle (Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has its own magic beans, but they won't grow into a beanstalk or take you to a giant's castle in the sky. These beans are the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, and they'll slip into your ear and sing you sweet tunes instead. This strange but fun little pair of earbuds is now $80 during Amazon Prime Day, so if you've been looking for a time to buy a pair of earbuds that are a bit different, now's your chance!

Prime Day only lasts for two days, so if you're interested in this deal, then make sure you get in there quickly. Especially with such an incredible discount as this, where stock might not last the full 48 hours!

The first thing you notice when you pick these little guys up is, obviously, the shape. They, again, are somewhat bean-like, with their kidney-esque curves and smooth surface. Then, you'll pop them in your ears - and you'll find that unlike earbuds like the AirPods Pro, they won't go straight into your ear canals. Instead, they sit just inside your outer ear and feed the noise in without much of a seal.

This lends them an airier quality of sound, and makes them more comfortable for people who don't like the feeling of a normal pair of earbuds. You control them with simple touch controls on the side and charge them in the included carry case, which will give you up to 29 hours of battery life.

There is noise canceling on board, but given they've not got much of a seal in or around your ear, it's not all that useful or impressive. They're perfect for runners, joggers, or cyclists looking for a pair of comfortable earbuds that let them hear the outside world when they're exercising, and now that they're half price, there's never been a better time to grab a pair!

If you're looking for an alternative that comes from Apple, then you'll want to look at the AirPods Prime Day deals page, and then another look at the Apple Prime Day deals hub for more information and other great deals on Apple devices.

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