Satechi's newest audio adapter and USB-C cable enable your devices even more

Satechi knows all about how to add functionality to USB-C ports. The company has released everything from advanced travel adapters to iMac USB-C monitor stands. Well, today the company has released two new USB-C peripherals, including a 3.5mm audio adapter with USB-C Power Delivery and a 100W USB-C to USB-C braided nylon charging cable.

The USB-C headphone jack adapter gives you a way to listen to videos and shows with your headphones while still charging your device. If you use a tablet or smartphone that doesn't have the 3.5mm audio jack, this is the solution you need. You'll still have the built-in USB-C port for charging, and you can plug in your wired headphones. This adapter will be $24.99, and you can find it on Amazon or the Satechi website.

Sure, you could buy yourself a pair of Bluetooth headphones if you want, but those will need to be charged, too. This adapter would be perfect for any event - flying home, riding in the car, etc - where you aren't sitting next to a wall outlet. Grab your favorite wired headphones instead, and don't interupt the audio when you go to plug in and charge.

The 100W charging cable fully supports Power Delivery and data transfer up to 480 Mbps. Since it's USB-C to USB-C you can transfer between tablets, smartphones, and other devices. The composition of the cable, a durable braided nylon, helps keep it from breaking and ensures it'll be working for a long time. Plug it into a compatible USB-C wall adapter like this $30 version from Satechi to start charging your devices right away.

Grab the cable for $19.99 through Amazon or the Satechi website

John Levite

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