Save $145 on the Ecovacs Deebot 500 robot vacuum today only

Amazon has a new round of daily deals live right now! One of those deals is the Ecovacs Deebot 500 robot vacuum cleaner on sale for $134.99. That's a crazy low price considering we saw a deal just three days ago where it dropped to $170. That was already a low price, so today's deal is an all-new low. You're actually saving more than you're paying with this deal since the street price is closer to $280.


Ecovacs Deebot 500 robot vacuum cleaner

The Deebot is equipped with two side brushes and a main brush so it can sweep, lift, and vacuum an entire floor. Use other modes like Spot or Edge to clean specific areas. Lasts 110 minutes on one charge. Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Deebot 500 uses two side brushes and a main brush to sweep, lift, and vacuum up all the dirt around your home. It has multiple settings you can use to decide how it cleans including Auto Mode, which will clean an entire floor, Spot Mode for a small area, and Edge Mode for those pesky edges and corners.

The Deebot 500 also has a Max Mode Power to increase the suction and clean messier spills. On a regular setting, the vacuum's battery lasts for up to 110 minutes. It is intelligent enough to be able to detect when the battery is running low. It will then return to the charging dock, top itself off, and continue its routine.

There is an option that includes an Echo Dot for an extra $22, which is the smart speaker's Black Friday price at the moment. The robot vacuum bundles with the Echo Dot because it's smart enough to be compatible with Amazon Alexa. It actually also works with Google Assistant, too, so you can use either smart home voice assistant to control your new device. Using the app to control the robot vacuum includes five different advanced features. Not only can you directly control it from the app, you can also plan out scheduling, check status updates, set cleaning modes, and look at the accessory status.

John Levite

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