The Twelve South BookBook Caddysack travel tote organizer is down to $42 on Amazon. This travel tote has sold for $60 for most of the last year. Today's drop is the lowest we have seen since March when it reached its all-time low of $40. You'll only pay $2 more than that today, and you're still saving a nice chunk off the regular price.

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Twelve South BookBook Caddysack travel tote organizer

This is a genuine leather travel organizer that's great for all your chargers, mice, and other accessories. It's an all-in-one for earbuds, charging cables, and more. Features elastic bands that can stretch to fit.

$42.00 $60.00 $18 off

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The Caddysack is designed with Apple products in mind, but it's not like it actually comes with any of them. You can use this for whatever you want, whether you use Apple accessories or just need something for your laptop charger or whatever.

It is made with genuine cow leather and is really high quality. The leather has even been distressed to give it a vintage look, so your convenient travel organizer looks more like a well-loved book from the outside. It uses two zippers to make it easy to access, and the hardback cover and rigid spine help keep all your gear safe. It'll last you a long time, keep your accessories safe, and be a great looking addition to your backpack. Plus you won't have to go fumbling around the different pockets of your bags looking for your wireless mouse, charging cable, wall adapters, and more. Put them all in one place and know exactly where they are when you need to go scrounging.

Use the elastic bands to stretch to fit whatever you're keeping in there, even if it's a larger peripheral like a power adapter. It can also keep your USB adapters, wireless earbuds, dongles, and other stuff. The Caddysack is designed with dedicated storage for a MacBook power adapter and charging cable. But, again, that could be used for anything really.

Users give it 4.2 stars out of 5 based on 230 reviews.

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