The Anker Roav Duo dashboard camera falls to $89.99 on Amazon when you clip the $20 off on-page coupon. Even without the coupon it's selling for $110, which is a nice discount off the camera's regular $130 price. This is a new low price for the cam, too, beating out previous deals by at least $10.

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Anker Roav Duo 1080p dash cam

This dash cam includes 1080p video recording, interior recording, enhanced night vision, and motion detection. It has GPS that can automatically record your route, location, and speed. Parking mode watches 24 hours a day for sudden movements.

$89.99 $130.00 $40 off

With coupon: Clip the on-page coupon

It's called the Duo because it has a front facing and interior facing camera. You can record everything happening in front of your car while simultaneously keeping an eye on whatever might be happening inside the car as well. Both cameras capture footage in 1080p. They have dual 323 Sony sensors and NightHawk Vision technology that help capture footage with enhanced night vision.

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The built-in GPS will automatically record your driving route, location, and speed so you have all that information when you need it. This is information that could be vital in the case of an accident or other emergency.

The camera also has a Parking Mode. It will keep an eye on the inside of your vehicle for 24 hours a day with a built-in gravity sensor to activate when it detects movement. Any sudden movements like someone running into your parked car or trying to break into it get recorded for your future use.

The camera works best when mounted in the upper mid-section of your windshield according to Anker's recommendation on the product page, and it comes with a two-piece 3M mount to help you get it in the perfect spot. It also comes with a 2-port car charger so you can power the camera and still have a USB port for your phone. Anker covers it with a one-year warranty.

You'll record all the footage onto a microSD card, so grab one from Samsung that can handle a lot.

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