Save on surge protectors featuring USB ports with prices as low as $9 apiece

Keeping your connected devices protected from power spikes and surges around your home can turn into a pretty expensive job. Luckily, these Aduro Surge Protectors with Dual USB Ports are on sale today at Groupon for as low as $9 apiece so you can keep two surge-protected AC outlets in every room while saving a bit of cash in the process. You can choose between Black, Blue, White, and Pink models of this surge protector on sale for $9.99 each, or pick up a two-pack for $17.99. That's definitely the way to go since you'll be scoring both for only $9 rather than $10. They've sold for up to $30 each in the past, so you're snagging a fantastic deal with either option.


Aduro Surge Protectors with Dual USB Ports

This sale lets you choose various colors of Aduro's surge protector and pick up one for $10 or two for $18. That brings their price down to just $9 each. They've sold for up to $30 in the past, so you don't want to miss this opportunity.

With one of these surge-protected wall adapters, you can instantly turn one AC outlet into two. However, an even better feature is the two built-in USB ports. You can toss out your bulky USB wall chargers and plug your charging cables in directly now. That means you can have up to four devices being powered by this single surge protector. Aduro even includes a one-year warranty with the purchase.

If you're in need of a surge protector with more AC outlets on it, you'll find more appropriate options in this guide to the best surge protectors of 2019. Smart surge protectors are a thing now too, so you might even want to go more advanced and pick out one from this list of the best smart surge protectors.

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