The Seidio Inno Dock Jr. for iPhone 4 is just the dock you have been waiting for. Or it is if, like me, you have grumbled and cursed multiple times when having to remove my favorite Case-Mate Chrome case in order to change my iPhone. What makes the Seidio Inno Dock Jr. so much better?

Read on after the break to find out!

I have tried the Seidio Inno Dock Jr. with 4 different cases and have yet to find a case that gives it problems. As long as the case has an opening for the 30-pin slot then it should fit comfortably in the cradle without the need to remove the case. The reason it's so compatible is that it's built so that the 30 pin dock plug is raised above the docking platform. It's also hinged so that it can move back and forth and that means there's almost no way the base can obstruct the connector.

The Dock is also quite small and lightweight so it does not take up much space on your desk, shelf, or table. It comes with a USB cable but not an AC adapter so if you want to plug it into a wall outlet instead of a computer you will need to use the adaptor that came from your iPhone 4 (or, if you're already using that elsewhere, get an extra one from the TiPb store).

If you hate having to remove your case each time you charge your iPhone 4, pick up the Seidio Inno Dock Jr. Since I have gotten it I have been using it daily and am so happy with it. It is pretty inexpensive also, so a good gift for a friend. Save your case and sanity, pick one up from the TiPb iPhone 4 accessory store today!


  • No need to remove your case when charging phone
  • Phone faces out while charging
  • Small and lightweight
  • Inexpensive


  • Does not come with an AC Adapter
  • iPhone can wiggle a bit while in cradle


TiPb iPad 4-star rated

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