Shot Tracker aims to capture and improve your basketball game #CES2015

Rene and Adam may not be the best basketball players on the planet,or even the best here at CES, but the folks at Shot Tracker say all you need is a little guidance to achieve greatness. Their fitness tracker is specific to basketball, and with the focus comes a lot of functionality for anyone looking to get serious with their jump shot. The system requires a small tracker sit on your wrist with a separate tracker sitting on the net, and together they send data to the mobile app to show off what you're made of. More importantly, you can compare your jump shot and your effective training routine to your friends over great distances in order to show that you really are the king of the court. The app supports a coaching mode as well, so you can be assigned specific workouts and see how effective you are in reaching your goals.

Shot Tracker is available now in starter kit form on their website, and by the looks of things it's everything you need to get serious about your basketball skills.

Russell Holly

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