Should you buy a digital camera on Prime Day?

Canon Eos M6 Mark Ii Lifestyle
Canon Eos M6 Mark Ii Lifestyle (Image credit: Canon)

Should you buy a digital camera on Prime Day?

The real silver lining to Prime Day being so late in the year is you get to buy all of your holiday gifts early or even prep for your holidays in advance. When you gather 'round the table for turkey this Thanksgiving, why not snap a photo with a brand new digital camera. The prime day deals on all sorts of digital cameras are pretty great, and if you get one now, you'll have the best-looking holiday photos.While there are endless models of the best digital cameras out there, we think Prime Day will target a few select models for this year. If you are looking for a great mirrorless camera or instant digital camera, we expect that we may start seeing deals on these cameras below.Canon EOS M6 Mark II: $799 at Amazon

While it may be in October rather than July this year, the best Prime Day deals are here to save you a little money this year; it's the perfect time to buy a camera if you're in the market for one. Whether it's for you or a gift for the holiday season, there's no reason to miss out on these great Prime Day deals for digital cameras.

Olympus mirrorless camera with Mac (Image credit: Luke Filipowicz / iMore)

Cameras is a high turnover product

Historically, the big camera companies like Canon, Olympus, Sony, Panasonic, and others will often make new models of their cameras every couple of years. Often before or right after a new model is announced, you'll see an older model get reduced in price. Camera companies will also mark down some of their best-selling products on big shopping days like Prime Day so they can make an extra buck, all while saving you money.

That's likely part of the reason the EOS M6 Mark II is discounted for Prime Day! It's an amazing mid-range mirrorless camera — arguably one of Canon's best — and it's just about a year old now, meaning it's time to lower the price and boost the hype.

Holidays are better with great photos

Make your holiday photos really pop with a great digital camera. Don't hesitate to buy right now and save some cash on these great digital cameras. Be sure to check out all the Prime Day deals we've found, so you can buy all the things you want for less money.

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