Siri can now control Plex media playback using the Siri Proxy [video]

Siri can now control Plex media playback using the Siri Proxy. In case you missed it earlier, a developer created a SiriProxy to control a thermostat and then made the code available for others to use.

The SiriProxy stands in between your iPhone 4S and Apple’s servers. It then intercepts Siri voice commands. This proxy enables additional commands to be added to Siri’s repitoire without any input from Apple. It has been demonstrated as a tool to start cars and even control third-party apps.

The latest video shows Siri controlling media playback on a TV which is hooked up to a Plex enabled system. Plex is multi-platform software to organize and play back local and online media. The developer uses Siri via the Siri Proxy to play movies and TV Shows using the Plex command line interface.

The most impressive part of the demonstration is the speed the media plays after receiving the instruction from Siri. After you watch the video, you will have no doubt that Siri is the future for the Apple TV or of course the often rumored Apple TV set.

Source: 9to5Mac


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