Siri could soon be speaking Czech, Slovak, and Polish

It looks like Siri could be picking up a few new languages soon. According to a recent report, several text strings in iOS 8.1.2 show that everyone's favorite digital assistant could be picking up support for Czech, Slovak, and Polish in the near future.

Joe Rossignol at 9to5Mac reports:

A series of text strings discovered within iOS 8.1.2, and included on software versions dating back to at least iOS 8.1, suggest that Siri could soon receive expanded language support on iPhone and iPad. The localized strings provide translated references to how Siri would display things like settings toggles, restaurants and reservations, and sports information in Czech, Slovak, and Polish.

There's no hint at when we can expect Siri to start saying Dobrý den!, but these strings at least indicate that Apple is hard at work on bringing the three languages to iOS soon enough.

Source: 9to5Mac

Dan Thorp-Lancaster