Air Dictate is an iPhone 4S app by Avatron that allows you to use Siri to dictate text to your Mac. To use, first you must visit to install the Air Dictate Receiver app for you Mac. Then, over your shared Wi-Fi network, you can share your Siri dictation to any Mac application that accepts text!

I just tried this out, and all I can say is - epic win! (Inputed with Air Dictate.)

On Mac:

  • Launch any app that allows text input. For example: TextEdit, Mail, Pages, Microsoft Word.

On iPhone 4S:

  • Launch the Air Dictate app.
  • Choose your Mac from a list of nearby computers.
  • Press the microphone button, speak for a while, and press the button again to stop.


  • Your speech will be converted into text, and will automatically appear in the text field on your Mac, just as if you had typed it on your Mac keyboard.

Air Dictation is available on the iPhone 4S for $0.99.

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