Siri "pro-life bias" debunked

TUAW's Chris Rawson did the inconceivable -- actually looking into claims that Apple's virtual assistant, Siri might have been programmed with a "pro-life bias" before posting them. And surprise, surprise, he found them to not even be worth the link-bait pixels they were posted with.

Short version: Siri is a front end to internet search engines. It'll return the results of those search engines however good or bad they may be. Now Apple can be blamed for side-stepping Google and using a search engine that returns poor results for these specific queries (and likely others), but they don't run the search engine. So, sorry, if you're looking for something to seethe about, turn your attention away from Apple and towards news outlets not doing their job.

Long version: See the source link below.

Source: TUAW

Rene Ritchie

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