Siri teases September 9 iPhone event is 'something big'

Update 9/8: On the eve of the event, Siri has added some new responses to hint requests. Here are some of the new ones, with thanks to Zach Simone on Twitter:

  • "OK... here it is: 01000111 01101111 01110100 0 1100011 011010000 01100001"
  • "Sorry. I missed the super secret keynote meeting because I was busy reminding 3 million people to call their mom/mum."
  • "Well, here's a tip: Take pictures of friends holding things you've lent them so you'll remember down the road."
  • "Sure thing. It's going to be... hey wait, you're not disclosed. Sorry. You'll have to wait until tommorw like everyone else."
  • "Don't tell anyone I told you, but I have it on good authority that... oops, Tim just gave me a look."
  • "OK, I just sent it to you via synthetic telepathy. (May not be available in all areas.)"

Original story: Apple's 2015 iPhone event invitation asked Siri to give us a hint. So we asked as well, and it turns out Siri was ready. The result? Well... On both iOS and watchOS, Siri played it coy.

  • "The only hint I can give you right now is a hint of lime. And that there's a big announcement on 9 September."
  • "Well, I hear there's something big happening on 9 September."
  • "Look deep within yourself and you will find the answer. Especially on 9 September."
  • "What, you can't tell from my colorful wavy words?"
  • "You'll have to wait until 9 September. I bet you were one of those kids who snuck downstairs to open presents early, weren't you?"
  • "You're cute when you're desperate for information."
  • "Can you get a hint? No. You may, however, get a what what."
  • "Why don't you check rumor blogs? That's what I do."
  • "I can neither confirm nor deny that I am not authorized either to confirm or deny that I cannot disclose anything that you would then have to confirm. In any case, I would deny it. Got it?"

Oh Siri, you tease.

Apple's event is scheduled for September 9, 2015. iMore will be there live to bring you back all the action.

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