Smart Keyboard update improves connection stability with iPad Pro

iPad Pro keyboard
iPad Pro keyboard (Image credit: iMore)

Next time you start using the Smart Keyboard on your iPad Pro, you'll get an accessory update. That's a way for Apple to push updates through the Smart Connector and into the keyboard. You can choose to apply the update immediately or defer it to later. Once it starts running, though, it's a quick download and install.

This accessory update for the Apple iPad Pro Smart Keyboard is to improve the stability of the connection, prevent unexpected wake-ups, and otherwise keep us all typing away happily. A previous update to the Logitech Create keyboard, one that used the same Smart Connector mechanism, fixed more significant bugs.

Quick and easy updates are one of the advantages of the Smart Connector, which carries not only power and ground, but data between the accessory and the iPad.

It'll be interesting to see how Apple and third parties use the feature in the future.

Rene Ritchie

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