I spent the past week using the PixelSkin Case for iPhone 4. Speck has a lot of great accessory lines from iPhone cases and skins to everything iPad and iPod as well, but I was a little hesitant at first as I'm not a fan of cases that add bulk and most pattern or etched cases do.  I was pleasantly surprised with this one and still have it on my iPhone. 

I've never been a huge fan of textured cases, but this one is deceiving. It isn't really "textured". Most of the square pattern you see is actually smooth on the outside of the case. It feels nice in the hand and slides in and out of pockets incredibly easily. Part of the reason I have always preferred smooth cases is I'm not a purse girl by any means. I prefer keeping my phone in my pocket. I carry about a messenger type bag with me for all intensive "purse purposes". Throwing my phone in there, it would take me 20 minutes to find it when I needed it. Pockets are quicker and easier. So I've always looked for cases that don't fight me when trying to slip it back into my pocket. Finding smooth, thin cases and not sacrificing any protection is always a tough battle.

This particular case not only feels good in the hand, but protects the sides of the phone and allows the screen to be a bit recessed without adding extra bulk. I'm the master at dropping my phone and I dropped it once with this case on it. It landed face down on hard wood floor with no damage to be seen. Since the case comes up over the edges, it helps for those times when you'd like to set your phone screen down, or Jobs forbid it, you're like me and just have the clumsy gene. Either way - if you're looking for a case that provides a decent amount of protection without adding "too" much bulk, check out the Speck PixelSkin case for iPhone 4 in the TiPb Accessory Store. It's available in purple, pink, and black. If you already have it, let us know your thoughts on it in the comments as well! Still not the case for you, browse the rest of our case selection in the TiPb iPhone 4 Accessory Store!

TiPb iPhone 4.5-star rated


  • Doesn't collect dust or pocket lint
  • Extremely smooth despite being silicone
  • Rugged look but smooth in your hand
  • Doesn't add bulk
  • Doesn't get dirty quickly like many silicone-based cases


  • Stretches out a bit after being taken on and off
  • Some 3rd party chargers and accessories may not fit into the dock connector with the skin on

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