Do you want an option for carrying your Bluetooth headset without having to wear it in your ear all day, hanging it around your neck, or risk breaking it in your pocket? When you are driving and your Bluetooth headset isn't in use, do you place it in one of your cup holders like I do? The Speck Products Clip Pod for Bluetooth Headsets is available here in the TiPb iPhone Store for $14.95 and it just might be the answer for your Bluetooth headset-carrying needs. Read further for the full review!

Case Design

The Speck Clip Pod case is triangular in shape with rounded corners, a metal belt clip with the "Speck" logo on back and an elastic mesh pocket in the front to store your Bluetooth headset. The pod is a hardened shell with a soft cloth interior to protect your Bluetooth headset. The Clip Pod can accommodate most Bluetooth headsets, up to 2 inches wide and 3.25 inches long. Included is a Velcro-secured Nylon strap for attaching the Clip Pod to the visor in your car.


I haven't used a Bluetooth headset very often in the past due to the hassle of not having a convenient way of carrying one around with me. Wearing a headset in my ear constantly is not comfortable and I don't care for that look. I don't wear a headset on a lanyard around my neck and I don't want to risk breaking my headset by carrying it in my pocket. Having the Clip Pod for carrying my Bluetooth headset is the answer to my headset-carrying challenges.

The Clip Pod is slightly cup-shaped, providing a recessed area for your BT headset to be safely tucked away. When placed in the pocket, the Nylon mesh/Vinyl combo with a sewn-in elastic band keeps your headset firmly in place with the hardened protective shell around it. Protection in the front of the Clip Pod is compromised in order to allow easy access to your BT headset. This compromise is both a pro and a con, in my opinion. When your iPhone rings, you want to be able to access your headset quickly.

When strapped to your visor, the less-protected open front is not really an issue, but if you are wearing the Clip Pod on your waist, you will want to be careful to avoid crushing your headset against hard objects. The metal belt clip is very robust and should provide lots of wear without failure.


The Speck Products Clip Pod for Bluetooth headsets is a nice little accessory to have if you tote a Bluetooth headset. I think it is especially useful in the car - strapped neatly to your visor, it's a great place to tuck away your BT headset when not in use. In my case, it keeps my cup holders free and substantially reduces the risk of loss or damage.

Wearing the Clip Pod on your belt or waist is a handy way to carry your BT headset on your person, but protection of your headset is compromised by easy accessibility. Personally, I have not used a BT headset carrying case before and I'm glad to have found such an accessory. It isn't perfect - although the pocket keeps your headset firmly in place, it is vulnerable to bumping against hard objects, like counters - but the pros outweigh the cons.


  • Strong metal belt clip
  • Protective recessed hardened shell
  • Included strap for securing to car visor
  • Elastic mesh pocket for secure storage and easy access


  • Storage pocket provides little protection against hard objects, like counters

 The iPhone blog 4 Star Review