Jobs iPad 10 hour battery life

Looks like GCN's concerns that Apple was overstating iPad battery life in face of IPS display power needs reached Apple CEO Steve Jobs while he was sitting in his chair enjoying his 9.7 magical, revolutionary tablet:

I e-mailed him to say that I didn’t mean to imply that he was lying during his iPad presentation, as several people accused me of in their comments. People make presentations written by marketers all the time that are not 100 percent truthful, and it doesn’t make them liars. I used the normal, publicly available e-mail address for him, not any of the special ways we press folks can sometimes get access. I figured that would be the end of it.

Two hours later:

[...]yes, we are getting 10 hours in 1.5 pounds.

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'Course we get to find out for ourselves when the iPad ships on April 3 in the US.