Steve Jobs at Palo Alta Apple Store for iPad launch, mentally tallying up profits from up to 700,000 sold?

We know where TiPb was for iPad launch day, we knew where you were, and now we know where Steve Jobs was -- his local Palo Alta Apple Store!

In Palo Alto, Apple CEO Steve Jobs sauntered unannounced into the University Avenue store shortly before noon to drink in the scene. Many in the crowd pulled out cameras and iPhones to capture the most magic of Silicon Valley moments. Jobs chatted with a handful of other shoppers, but even his 30-minute invasion did not get in the way of their serious business — the buying of and playing with new iPads.

And why not, analysts like Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster already predicting up to 700,000 thousand iPad Wi-Fi were sold on opening day. If those numbers hold up, that's certainly worth a little celebratory jaunt from Apple's CEO.

[TUAW and the Loop via 9to5Mac, image credit]

Rene Ritchie

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  • How many did they predict?
  • Don't forget TiPb, there is still an iPhone.
  • Really brojoesc? You're not even going to give them one day to focus on the iPad?? I don't have one either and I don't want to see iPhone development lag for the iPad but I'll give them at least one day before throwing them under the bus for focusing on the iPad.
  • Haha, I like how he looks totally ignored in that pic :) like a ghost...
  • I thought it was interesting that TUAW said the iPad is a new category of product. I don't really think it is. The i-Opener and 3Com Audrey were really the same basic thing (ironically, the Audrey could sync with PalmOS devices like a standalone PC), internet appliances with limited operating systems that served to do common, specific tasks.
    I think what's really interesting is that we're now at a point where such a device is actually viable for widespread use.
    Also, that's a lot of iPads.
  • COOL BEANS.....................
  • @DC
    He should really invest atleast $1 mill into a new wardrobe
    instead of his Homer Simpson Closet of the same old bs...
  • Who cares what he wears.
  • Jobs was also spotted yesterday in K&L Wines in the rare wines section.
  • iPad used as a stress buster!
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