Steve Jobs Shows Up in Top Hat to Show off iPad to New York Media Bosses?

Silicon Alley Insider not only says Steve Jobs showed up to show off his new iPad in a secret set of meetings in New York with New York Times and Wall Street Journal bosses, but he topped it off by wearing a top hat. Yeabuwhat?!

More intriguing: Jobs showed up wearing "a very funny hat - a big top hat kind of thing," said Daily Intel's source. So apparently the obsessively secretive Apple chief was disguised as the Planter's Peanut guy for his trip to Gotham, with his John Lennon spectacles replacing the Peanut's usual monocle. We're told, however, that Jobs was wearing no plutocratic hat or other headgear for his visit to the Times newsroom, which, given his already all-too-imperious image, is probably for the best.

Just. Wow.

More importantly, Jobs was apparently there to discuss adding magazines and newspapers to the new iBook service announced last week along with the iPad.

Ask and we shall receive?

Rene Ritchie

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