Steve Jobs' stolen iPad recovered, from 'Kenny the Clown'

Steve Jobs' personal iPad was one of the items taken when the Jobs' house was burglarized back in July. Kenny the Clown came across the iPad when it was given to him by his friend, McFarlin, who was later arrested for robbing the house.

Doing what any good clown would do, he had loaded up the iPad with apps such as Pink Panther in order to help entertain crowds in the Bay Area. Imagine his disbelief when the cops showed up in order to retrieve the iPad and he found out who the original owner had been.

"I didn't notice anything special or anything like that," said Kahn, adding he had the iPad for three or four days before police asked for it back. "It was silver; it looked normal. I was basically using it like an iPod.""It would be like getting a football from Joe Montana that was stolen out of his house," said the 47-year-old professional clown, whose real name is Kenneth Kahn. "It's bizarre; it's really bizarre."

Yes, Kenny, that is very bizarre indeed.

Source: Mercury News

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.