Yes, it looks like we're in this for the long haul, so you might as well be prepared with these pandemic essentials and get some Prime Day deals for the best prices.

Amplim Non Contact Touchless Infrared Digital Thermometer Render Cropped

Take your temperature: Amplim Touchless Infrared Digital Forehead Thermometer

Before you leave your house, you can take your temperature to make sure you're fever-free. A quick read of your forehead and the large digital readout displays your temperature. Since this thermometer is touch-free, you can use it on anyone coming into your home as well.

$23 at Amazon
Wowtowel Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser Render Cropped

Wash up: Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser

We're all washing our hands a lot more, which has us going through soap pretty quickly. This large-capacity liquid soap dispenser won't need to be replaced so often. It's touchless, so just place your hand underneath for a handful of foamy soap in less than half a second.

$17 at Amazon
Kn95 Face Mask 20 Pcs Render Cropped

Protection: Hotodeal KN95 Face Mask 20 Pcs 5 Layers Cup Dust Mask

These breathable masks have tree layers of non-woven cloth and two layers of melt-blown fabric. The inner layer absorbs moisture from your breath, making the mask more comfortable to wear. Get 20 five-layer masks in this package.

$38 at Amazon
Squish Vinyl Gloves Render Cropped

Latex-free: Squish Clear Vinyl Disposible Gloves

Stock up on disposible gloves. These stretchy ambidexterous gloves are made from a vinyl-based hybrid. They are latex-free, powder-free, and protein-free, so you're less likely to have an allergic reaction. Be sure to mark the Coupon box for maximum savings.

$16 at Amazon
Basic Resources Single Use Disposable Face Mask 50 Pack Blue Render Cropped

Simple masks: Basic Resources Single Use Disposable Face Mask (Pack of 50), Blue

I have a feeling we're going to be wearing masks for a long time to come. Stock up with this 50-pack of comfortable disposable masks. The inner and outer layers are 100% spun bond polypropylene; the middle layer is 100% melt blown polypropylene.

$8 at Amazon
Moxe Hand Sanitizer Value Pack Render Cropped

Waterless cleaning: MOXE Premium Eucalyptus & Mint Hand Sanitizer Value Pack

By now, we've all learned that not all hand sanitizers are created equal. I've had enough of the smelly, sticky, drying stuff myself. MOXE's hand sanitizer is 70% ethyl alcohol and contains natural ingredients like moisturizing aloe and vitamin E. It also has essential oils for an invigorating scent. Get four 32-ounce bottles.

$30 at Amazon
Leather Centric Cotton Washable Cloth Face Mask Render Cropped

Reusable face covers: Leather Centric Cotton Washable Cloth Face Mask 7-pack

Buy this pack of seven reusable, washable face masks and you'll never run out. They're plain white, so feel free to personalize them with Sharpies, tie-dye, or your Cricut machine. Each three-layer mask has an inner and out 100% cotton layer with a middle layer of melt blown filter for extra protection.

$16 at Amazon
Vincrey Keychain Edc Door Opener Tool No Touch Render Cropped

For doors, buttons, screens: VINCREY Keychain EDC Door Opener Tool (2-pack)

Carry this little tool on your keychain and use it as a sixth finger to minimize what you need to touch in public. The tip can be used on touchscreens and buttons. The curved part can grab and turn door handles. You get two tools in this package.

$6 at Amazon
Dlamer Grooming Clipper Kit Render Cropped

Haircuts at home: Dlamer Professional Multipurpose Grooming Clipper Kit

If you're getting tired of your quarantine hairstyle but aren't looking to head to the salon, it's time to grab a clipper kit. Whether you've taken over the family haircuts or just want to do touch-ups to stretch the time between professional cuts, this kit will come in handy. It works for dogs, too!

$21 at Amazon
Etxian Solar Crank Noaa Weather Radio For Emergency Render Cropped

In case of emergency: Etxian Solar Crank NOAA Weather Radio for Emergency

This isn't pandemic-specific, but it's always good to keep a fully-stocked emergency kit on hand in case of bad weather or a power outage. Your kit might include an NOAA weather WB/AM/FM radio like this, which also acts as a flashlight, reading lamp, SOS alarm, and a power bank for your smartphone. Charge it by USB cable, 3 AAA batteries, solar power, or hand crank.

$25 at Amazon

What else?

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