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The super durable G-Technology G-Drive 2TB mobile SSD is on sale for $285

Gdrive Gtech 2tb
Gdrive Gtech 2tb (Image credit: Amazon)

The G-Technology G-Drive 2TB USB-C mobile solid state drive (opens in new tab) is down to $284.95 thanks to a deal at B&H that includes a $45 off on-page coupon. The drive regularly sells for around $330 at most retailers like Adorama, but you can find it going for as much as $351 at Best Buy. Today's drop at B&H is the lowest we have ever seen it.

This SSD is part of a larger B&H sale on G-Technology drives (opens in new tab). B&H DealZone deals have a very limited time, and sales like this usually have a limited quantity. The drives available include hard drives and Thunderbolt drives with various capacities ranging from 2TB to 10TB. The G-Drive is the only version of the mobile SSD on sale.

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G-Technology G-Drive 2TB USB-C mobile solid state drive (opens in new tab)

Has 2TB storage capacity and a USB-C interface for fast transfer speeds. Has IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, and it also protects your data from shocks, vibrations, and drops. Even has a crushproof rating of 1000 pounds. 5-year warranty.

G-Technology is a brand owned by Western Digital that markets mostly to Mac users. You'll even find the G-Technology drives on Apple's website (opens in new tab), albeit for a much more expensive price (up to $440 there).

The G-Drive uses a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C interface, and that makes it compatible with a wide range of devices as long as they use USB-C. It's also bus powered, which means it'll draw power through the USB-C port so you don't need a separate charger. Get up to 560 MB/s data transfer speeds, too, so you can quickly and easily move your data from one drive to the next.

Mobile SSDs are much more expensive than regular portable hard drives but for good reason. Hard drives have moving parts. That means no matter how rugged the drive, it still has regular wear and tear that will eventually fail you. Mobile SSDs don't have those moving parts and are naturally more durable as a result.

This one is built with durability in mind, too. It is IP67 rated for dust and water resistance. It's also resistant to shocks, vibrations, and drops up to 10 feet. Heck, this drive has a crushproof rating of 1000 pounds. Keep your data safe even when you're working construction I guess.

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