Super Mario 3D World Stars and Stamps guide: How to get all 380 Green Stars and 85 Stamps

World Mushroom — (31 Stars)

Super Mario 3D World Stars World Peach throwing a baseball into a Clear Pipe (Image credit: iMore)

World Mushroom is the first world you'll encounter that doesn't have any Stamps for you to collect, so be prepared to simply focus on those 31 Green Stars. Here's how to get them.

World Mushroom-1: Night Falls on Really Rolling Hills (3 Stars)

When you start this course, you will only have 30 seconds on the clock. To make it through to the end, you'll need to collect as many Clocks as you can to increase your overall time.

Star 1: Pick up every clock you see along the way while heading to the right. Eventually, you'll see a bunch of red Spiny enemies with a Green Star Ring nearby. Break open the wooden boxes on the right to get a Yellow Star and turn invincible. With this safety buffer, activate the Green Star Ring and then collect all of the Green Coins on the rolling hills to get your Green Star.

Star 2: Continue nabbing as many Clocks as you continue through the level. Once you get to the underground section, make sure to stay on the higher area instead of falling down. When you get as far as you can before dropping down jump up to discover a hidden cloud platform. Jump on it and then jump right to get your second Green Star.

Star 3: Immediately after getting the second Green Star, drop down and enter the green pipe on your left. Now quickly step on all of the Color Tiles and a Green Star will appear. If you are turned into a cat or have fireballs or Boomerangs, you can defeat the Spiny enemies in here really easily.

World Mushroom-2: Spiky Mount Beanpole (3 Stars)

Key Coins: You'll need to collect five Key Coins to unlock the Warp Box at the start of the level. Here's where you'll find them. 

  • Key Coin 1: Turn around and go to the back left corner of the screen to find the first Key Coin. -
  • Key Coin 2: When you get to the area with the two red Spiny enemies, look behind the tree on the left. 
  • Key Coin 3: When you see the two squares of Brick Blocks on the left with a blue ramp to the right, get on the bricks and jump to the left to get the second Key Coin. If you're turned into a cat, you can simply climb up the wall underneath it. -
  • Key Coin 4: As you continue up the mountain, you'll eventually see two Spiky enemies back to back throwing spike rollers down their respective ramps. Use cat claws or jump on their heads at the right time to get rid of them. The third Key Coin is on the far end of the blue ramp.  
  • Key Coin 5: After you've grabbed the last Green Star, climb up the highest tree at the top of the mountain to get the last Key Coin.

Star 1: Pass the locked Warp Box and head up the cliffs. Once you pass the first green Spike enemy throwing the spike rollers you'll see the first Green Star.

Star 2: You will need to be turned into a cat to get this Green Star. Just above and to the left of the first Star, you'll see a square section of Brick Blocks in the cliff wall. Use your cat claws to break the blocks and enter the green pipe behind it. Step on the P Switch and then collect all of the Blue Coins that show up to get the second Green Star.

Star 3: Continue up the mountain past the back-to-back green Spike enemies and up the trees. You'll need to jump from one of the trees to grab the last Green Star.

World Mushroom-3: Deep-Black Jungle Drift (3 Stars)

Star 1: You'll need to be turned into a cat to get this first Green Star. Jump into a spotlight box and then get on the wooden raft. Shine your light at any Boos or Peepas that come your way to defeat them. When the first sliding grate is on the left side, climb up it and grab your first Green Star.

Star 2: Continue along and jump down onto the raft below defeating any ghosts that come along your path. Jump onto the next raft and stand on the far left side and you should see a Green Star. When you see a cloud platform on the left, jump on it and grab your second Green Star.

Star 3: Jump back onto the raft and ride it down the waterfall. But don't enter the Warp Box right away. Instead, someone with a Super Bell needs to climb up the wall as a cat and get the last Green Star. Now you can jump in the Warp Box and head to the flagpole.

World Mushroom-4: Trouble in Shadow-Play Alley (3 Stars)

Star 1: Enter the door and you'll come to a silhouette area. Jump up on the blocks while dodging cannonballs and grab the Boomerang flower. Now jump to the left and throw your Boomerang at the first Green Star to add it to your inventory.

Star 2: Now continue right jumping back on the platform where you found the Boomerang Flower. Jump down the platforms to get the next Green Star.

Star 3: Use your Boomerang, cat claws, or bombs to take out the stack of Goombas, but don't jump into the Warp Box when it appears. Now, jump up on the set of brick blocks on the far right and go against the wall. Jump to reveal a hidden block. Jump on this new block and then jump to your left to get the last Green Star. When you have all of the Green Stars, continue through the Warp Box.

World Mushroom-5: Back to Hands-on Hall (3 Stars)

You'll need to collect five Key Coins in order to unlock the Warp Box and leave the level.

  • Key Coin 1: Defeat the Fire Bros. and interact with the door in the background. This will reveal a Bowser Gong. Activate it to make a green pipe appear. Pass through the pipe and continue to the right dodging or defeating enemies as you go. You'll see another door; interact with it to slide it open. There are a bunch of pink Blurker enemies in front of you. Defeat them or jump over them and continue right. This will take you to a hidden area behind the stairs with the first Key Coin.
  • Key Coin 2: Run up the stairs and you'll see the second Key Coin.
  • Key Coin 3: Grab a baseball from the ? Blocks and then when you come upon then next door, interact with it to slide it open. Interact with the Gong to make the wall next to you rotate. Pass through the rotating wall and open the next set of double doors. Throw the baseball at the Goomba stack topped with a Fire Bro to get rid of them. Now ring the gong to make hidden panels rotate. Jump on the revealed Goombas to get your second Key Coin. (The first Green Star is just after this.)
  • Key Coin 4: After grabbing the first Green Star, continue right and open the double doors. You'll see a Hammer Bro and spiked floor panels. Either use a powerup or throw the baseball at the Hammer Bro to defeat him. Now throw a ball at the Key Coin to claim it.
  • Key Coin 5: Head right and you'll see another set of doors just past the two Boomerang Bros. Defeat them using a powerup or by throwing baseballs. Now open the doors and throw a baseball directly into the center of the Blurker blockade and you'll hit the Gong behind them. This will reveal the last Key Coin. Now you're good to enter the Warp Box.

Star 1: Just after getting the third Key Coin, grab the baseball and head up the stairs. Now throw the baseball into the clear pipe to get rid of the spike ball. With it gone, you can safely enter the pipe and grab the first Green Star.

Star 2: After passing through the Warp Box, you'll see a Green Star Ring on the rooftop. Before activating it, go to the right and hit a ? Block to get a Propeller Box. Defeating all of the Flopter enemies in the area before activating the coins will make this process easier. Pass through the Green Star Ring and quickly collect the eight Green Coins that appear to get your second Green Star.

Star 3: Head up the right side of the rooftop and hit the Bowser gong just below the cloud platforms. Now use the Propeller box to fly onto the cloud platforms and enter the Warp Box. This will take you to a room with the last Green Star. Jump in the Warp Box once again and head to the tip top of the roof. Jump on the flying Flagpole when you see it. The Propeller Box can help you reach the very top of it.

World Mushroom-6: Gigantic Seasick Wreck (3 Stars)

Star 1: Activate the Green Star Ring and collect the eight Green Coins before time runs out to unlock your first Green Star. You'll need to dodge the gusts of wind and the spike rollers in order to make this happen.

Star 2: Head into the Warp Box and continue on through the next section. Carefully make your way past the first Ty-Foo enemy and its gusts and then hit the ? Blocks to get a Mega Mushroom. Now that you're huge, you can't be blown away. Head to the back of the ship, but instead of entering the Warp Box, take a right onto the back platform and grab the second Green Star. Now you're good to enter the Warp Box.

Star 3: Hit the ? Block and grab another Mega Mushroom. Now quickly and carefully make your way along the wooden platforms. When you get to the last Ty-Foo, go as far right as you can on the plank and then jump up to get the third Green Star. If the Mega Mushroom runs out, you'll once more be susceptible to being blown off the path and you won't be able to grab this Star.

To beat the level, you'll need to defeat all of the Bully enemies at the end of the boat. To do this easily, hit the ? Block on the left side of the ship to get a Mega Mushroom and push them all off the ledge. If you run out, there's another Mega Mushroom in the ? Block near the end. Head into the Warp Box once they've all been defeated.

World Mushroom-7: Broken Blue Bully Belt (3 Stars)

Star 1: Jump along the rising and falling platforms while dodging any enemies that come your way. Grab a Super Leaf from the first ? Block so you can float in the air and more easily land on platforms. When you get to the section with the Fly Dry Bones, wait for the platform to appear on the right, and then jump on it to get the Green Star.

Star 2: Continue running through the course until you get to the area with the rotating spike rollers. A Green Star is hovering on top of one of them. Jump over to it to snatch it.

Star 3: Keep going while dodging enemies and collecting powerups along the way. Things will definitely be easier if you can keep the Super Leaf powerup as you go. You'll eventually see a green pipe. Go past it and you'll find a cloud platform. Jump on it to get the last Green Star. Now you're good to enter the pipe.

World Mushroom-Mystery House: Mystery House Brawl (10 Stars)

Star 1: Take out the three Chargin' Chucks within 10 seconds to get your first Green Star. It's easier if you have a powerup like the Super Bell, a Boomerang Flower, or a Fire Flower.

Star 2: The easiest way to get this one is if you're a cat. Jump on the lower level of bricks to the left and swipe at the Snow Pokey enemies to defeat them within 10 seconds.

Star 3: Beat the two Flopters within 10 seconds to get your Green Star. One of the best ways is to use the cat dive while you have a Super Bell powerup.

Star 4: You'll now need to defeat three Boomerang Bros. within 10 seconds to get the Star. This is best achieved while using a powerup like the Super Bell, Fire Flower, or Boomerang Flower.

Star 5: There's a hidden Coin Coffer near the grass on the left. Use a powerup to defeat it quickly and grab the Green Star within 10 seconds.

Star 6: Get on the blocks and jump on the Goombas to defeat them within 10 seconds to get your Star. Alternatively, you can use powerups to get rid of them.

Star 7: You're now in a room with three Fizzlit enemies. Attack them while they are purple to defeat them. You'll need to beat all three and grab the Green Star within 10 seconds.

Star 8: Three Magikoopas will appear before you. Jump on their heads and avoid their spells to defeat them. As always, powerups can make it a lot easier to beat enemies. Be sure to grab the Green Star before your 10 seconds are up.

Star 9: Beat the three Piranha Creepers within the 10-second time limit to make a Green Star appear. Using cat claws, Boomerangs, or fireballs can make this go faster.

Star 10: Now you need to beat three Hammer Bros. within 10 seconds in order to get the last Green Star. Jump on their heads and avoid their attacks to defeat them. As always, powerups can make it a whole lot easier.

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