Super Mario 3D World Stars and Stamps guide: How to get all 380 Green Stars and 85 Stamps

World Bowser — (39 Stars, 9 Stamps)

Super Mario 3D World Peach grabbing a Green Star on a roof (Image credit: iMore)

Despite all the work you've done up to this point, Bowser has managed to swoop in and capture all of the Sprixies again. It's time to chase after him in World Bowser. There are 39 Green Stars and nine Stamps hidden throughout these courses. Here's what you need to know to collect them.

World Bowser-1: Spiky Spike Bridge (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Being turned into a cat will make this first Star much easier to grab. Move through the rainy course until you get to the area with multiple spike platforms and a Fire Bro. There's a Green Star on the raised platform to the far left. Defeat the Fire Bro to make things easier and then head left being careful not to touch the spikes. Climb up the wall as a cat and grab your Star.

Stamp: Pass the checkpoint flag and jump into the Warp Box. Head to your bottom left following the spikes to get a Stamp at the end. Be careful to jump over the wave of spikes on your way back.

Star 2: See the Fire Bro on the left? Defeat him and hit the ? Block to get a power-up. Now climb up the wall using your cat powers and enter the pink Warp Box. Within 10 seconds you need to climb up the wall on the left, press the P Switch, climb back up the wall to the right, and jump over to the Green Star.

Star 3: This next one is pretty tricky. You'll come to a large platform with several Dry Bones enemies walking around. Head straight for the ? Block to the far upper right and get the Yellow Star. Now run into all of the Dry Bones to get rid of them. Wait for the large moving spike platform to come close and then run along it to grab the Green Star floating to the left. The Yellow Star will quickly run out so keep an eye on those spikes as you continue forward.

World Bowser-2: Plessies' Dune Downhill (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Right before coming to the two Goomba-shaped sand sculptures there's a Green Star floating in the air surrounded by Coin Rings. Jump on the pink Splounder right in front of the rings and then angle Plessie at your Star.

Star 2: In the next section, there's a string of Biddybudds with a Green Star in the center. Angle Plessie at them to defeat them and grab the Star.

Stamp: Shortly after that, you'll see two Bowser-shaped sand sculptures on the left. Drive through them and you'll ride along a row of hidden cloud platforms to get your Stamp.

Star 3: When the sand dunes begin angling downward, make sure to hit the Bowser sand sculpture, and then a Green Star will appear over the Dash Panel on the next dune between two Goomba sculptures.

World Bowser-3: Cookie Cogworks (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Pro Tip: Playing as Peach will make it easier to reach all of these items.

Star 1: When you're at the area where you see a Big Piranha Plant, jump up the ice cream sandwich cog and head up to get your first Green Star. If you're turned into a cat, you can just run up the wall and grab it.

Stamp: Keep moving through the level until you reach the area with a line of Horned Ant Troopers coming out of a hole. One of these ants is towing a Boomerang Flower. Run through the gap at the right moment to get the power-up and then throw Boomerangs at the ants until they're all gone. Drop through the hole and grab the Stamp.

Star 2: Move right and you'll see two more rows of Horned Ant Troopers coming through holes. Defeat the first row and fall through the hole. Now enter the pink Warp Box. You'll have 10 seconds to run around the cookie and grab the Star. Keep to the right and just throw your Boomerang to defeat any Piranha Plants in your path. It can also help you grab the Star faster.

Star 3: Keep going but do not touch the Flagpole when you see it. Instead, run and long jump to the floating cookie platform in the distance. We suggest using Peach since she can float further than the other characters. Now chase the rabbit down to get your Green Star. You can return to the flagpole using the green pipe.

World Bowser-Train: The Bowser Express (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: You'll see the first Green Star right away on top of the first train cart. Quickly jump onto the long ? Block and then jump in the center of it to reveal a hidden block. Jump on top of it and get on top of the train to grab the Star.

Star 2: Keep going until you come across a Green Star Ring. Activate it and then quickly grab the Green Coins on the left of the cart before getting the ones on the right. Your Star will appear once they're all collected.

Stamp: Head through the cart with the red door. Quickly pass the Mini Goombas and ground pound on the right ? Block. It will raise you to the top of the cart so you can grab the Stamp. Be careful not to touch the Horned Ant Troopers along the way.

Star 3: When you get to the head of the train, drop down inside and destroy the Hammer Bro. A Green Star is waiting for you further in.

Boss Battle: Pom Pom uses clones and shuriken to try and defeat you. Attack the Pom Pom that carries a pink shuriken three times to defeat her. Beating her can be made easier with Boomerangs or Fire Flowers.

World Bowser-4: Footlight Lane (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Pro Tip: If you ever want to check and see the pathway for the hidden platforms, ground pound and you'll temporarily see more of it.

Star 1: When you get to the circular platform where you can see several flying Dry Bones, run to the suspicious wall on the right and jump to reveal a hidden ? Block with a Yellow Star inside. Grab the Yellow Star and continue towards the Dry Bones. You'll need to jump to the upper right in order to get the Green Star before continuing left.

Star 2: Keep going along the hidden platforms until you see a Green Star Ring. After activating it, quickly run around the circle following the direction of the spike rollers and collect Green Coins to get the Green Star.

Stamp: Zigzag your way along the Cat Bullet Bill pathway until you see a circular platform with a glowing center. If you jump to the right from here you'll find a hidden platform that leads to the Stamp.

Star 3: Dodge around the Cat Bullet Bills and head to the pink Warp Box on the left of the screen. Now quickly walk right onto the hidden platform, ride the Thwomp up, and jump to the Green Star on the left.

World Bowser-5: Deepwater Dungeon (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Pro Tip: You'll need to use cat powers to reach all of the Stars in this level.

Stamp: After passing through the narrow area with the rising and falling column of water, swim straight up until you're above the spike block on your left. Grab the Stamp while the water is high and keep going.

Star 1: Shortly after that, you'll need to use another column of water to reach the next area. Instead of going right like the game wants you to, use your cat powers to climb up the wall on the left to discover a hidden area with a Green Star.

Star 2: Jump on Plessie's back and get to the next area. Once you've jumped off this sea creature's back, immediately use your cat powers to climb up the wall and get the Green Star in the center.

Star 3: Keep going and you'll see blocks of floating water moving back and forth. Use these to make your way to the right. Instead of entering the green pipe, climb up the wall with your cat powers and jump into the Cloud Cannon. Run right along the various cloud platforms and use your cat claws to attack the Biddybuds in your way. You'll be able to grab a Green Star at the very end.

World Bowser-6: A Beam in the Dark (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Pro Tip: This level is very tricky. You'll need to play as Luigi to get everything.

Stamp: Only Luigi can get this Stamp. As soon as you enter the level, run to the left and grab a Light Box. If you shine it at Boo enemies long enough, the ghostly specters will disappear for good. Ride along the circular purple platform dodging Boos and grabbing coins. You'll eventually see an L Switch on your left. Have Luigi jump on it to get the Stamp.

Star 1: Fall down to the ground below and look in the mirror to see the next Green Star. Move towards the camera to unblock the view of the platform leading to your prize.

Star 2: There are a few winged Dry Bones in your path, but they can't be defeated with the spotlight. Jump on them to make them go away. Alternately, you can use Boomerangs or cat claws. Continue past the checkpoint flag and up the elevator. You should see a glowing pink Warp Box on your right. Jump at the right moment to land on the platform and enter the box. Now you'll need to use the lightbox to defeat all of the ghosts in the room within 10 seconds to get your Green Star.

Star 3: When you get to the seven doors, enter the one on the far right and then enter the next door to your right. Use the spotlight to defeat any ghosts in your path. Eventually, the platform will turn and you'll need to dodge a bunch of Winged Dry Bones. If you have a Boomerang Flower or cat claws, you might want to use them now. At the end of the hall, a Giant Boo will appear. Lead it to the right and then dodge around it and double back to the Green Star. Be careful, some Dry Bones might be on your tail. Now head right and through the door.

World Bowser-7: Grumblump Inferno (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Run along the rotating block to keep from falling in the lava. The block will eventually fall down into another lava area. When it gets close to the platform with the Green Star on it, jump off and snag your prize.

Stamp: Hit ? Blocks along the way to grab a Super Leaf and turn yourself into a Tanooki. Ride the next Grumblump block down the slide and you'll see a pillar at the bottom with a Hammer Bro with a Stamp floating above his head. Use your floating powers, grab the Stamp and jump on the Hammer Bro's head before jumping back on the Grumblump block.

Star 2: As you continue on, you'll eventually see a Green Star Ring in an area where fiery Splorch balls come rolling around. Activate the ring and collect the Green Coins while avoiding the enemies to get your Green Star.

Star 3: Move along the next long Grumblump and anticipate its movements by moving to the next safe area. The second time it stands upright, jump up to grab a Green Star. Be careful to land back on it and ride the block to the end.

World Bowser-A: Motley Bossblob's Encore (1 Star)

Star 1: Run to the far right and hit the ? Block to get a Double Cherry. Now jump in the lift and enter the boss area. You've seen this guy before, but now he's a little more difficult. Bossblob will bounce around and create shockwaves before slamming hard on the ground and losing its... blobs. Run away from him and dodge the rings until the real villain is exposed. Then, jump on his head and grab another Double Cherry. Repeat the process two more times to beat him and grab a Star.

World Bowser-B: Hisstocrat Returns (1 Star)

Star 1: Being turned into a cat will make it much easier to defeat this boss. Dodge the fireballs it spews and then climb up on top of one of the snakes holding a saucer before jumping on Hisstrocrat's head. Avoid climbing up snakes with no plates on their heads as they can bite you. Repeat this process two more times to defeat the boss and get a Green Star.

World Bowser-Mystery House: Mystery House Claw Climb (10 Stars)

This is a gauntlet of Star challenges. You'll need to complete these tasks in order and maintain your Super Bell cat powers if you want to get all 10 Stars.

Star 1: Hit the first ? Block to get a Super Bell and then climb up the wall to the Green Star as a cat within 10 seconds.

Star 2: Within 10 seconds, run under the platform on your right and climb up the wall as a cat. Now run left and grab the Green Star.

Star 3: Carefully time your climb up the alternating Beep Blocks as a cat to reach the Green Star within 10 seconds.

Star 4: In 10 seconds or less, run across the bridge and then climb up the wall on the right with your cat powers to nab the Green Star.

Star 5: In this next area, climb up the walls as a cat following the directions from the signs. A Green Star is on the top-most block in the back left.

Star 6: Dive at the purple brick blocks as a cat to break through them and then climb up the wall. Now, break dive at the next set of purple brick blocks to reach the Green Star.

Star 7: Once more, you'll need to carefully time your climb up the alternating Beep Blocks as a cat to reach the Green Star within 10 seconds.

Star 8: Run straight and up the wall to the right to grab the Green Star in 10 seconds or less. Just make sure you don't fall in the lava afterward.

Star 9: Run right and break through the first set of purple blocks. Now jump up and hit the Pow Block to make the remaining blocks disappear before running to the Star. As always, you only have 10 seconds to do this.

Star 10: As a cat, run up the moving yellow and red platforms until you reach the top and grab the final Green Star.

World Bowser-Castle: The Great Tower of Bowser Land (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Move along the rooftops until you get to the area with the clear pipe. Instead of going in the pipe, first drop down on the far bottom right of the building to reach a Green Star.

Star 2: After passing through the clear pipe, hit the ? Blocks to get a power-up. You'll soon see a Ferris wheel with Bully enemies on each platform. Use your cat claws to push them all of the various ledges and a Star will appear. Carefully grab it without falling and continue on.

Star 3: Now Cat Bowser will try to hit you as you climb up a skyscraper. Dodge his attacks and follow the cloud platforms until you can activate the Green Star Ring. Collect all of the Green Coins to get a Green Star. After reaching the top of this first stretch, hit the Pow Block that Cat Bowser is sitting on. Then, you can move on to the next area.

Boss: Cat Bowser — Now that Bowser has used a Double Cherry, there are two Cat Bowsers to avoid. Watch for suspicious areas that Bowser might pop out of and keep an eye out for signs that he's coming from a specific direction as you continue upwards. You'll need to move fast to avoid getting hit. When you get to the very very top, hit the Pow Block multiple times to defeat him.

Stamp: After beating Cat Bowser, make your way up the clear pipe and climb up the tree on your left to get the Stamp. Now you're good to head to the flagpole.

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