Super Mario 3D World Stars and Stamps guide: How to get all 380 Green Stars and 85 Stamps

World Star — (32 Stars, 9 Stamps)

Super Mario 3D World Stars World Giant Rosalina gathering Blue Coins (Image credit: iMore)

You might have thought you'd completed the game, but there are still four more worlds to explore, each one more difficult than the last. The exciting news is that by beating Cat Bowser at World Bowser, you have now unlocked the ability to play as Rosalina. She can perform a spin attack, which is pretty handy when going up against enemies. To add her to the roster, simply talk to the Sprixies in the overworld.

Unfortunately, collecting Stars and Stamps is about to get a whole lot more tricky. In my opinion, it's easier to play solo from here on out, but you can do as you wish. Here's how to get all 32 Green Stars and nine Stamps at World Star.

World Star-1: Rainbow Run (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Hit ? Blocks along the way and turn yourself into a cat. After passing the section with the Biddybuds, you'll soon see two Brick Blocks on the left. Climb the wall above the blocks and enter the green pipe. Stepping on the P Switches will make a green ball fall down on either side. Jump at the right moments to guide them to both of the P Panels and a Green Star will appear. You might want to do them one at a time to make sure you do it properly.

Stamp: Pass the checkpoint flag and jump on Plessie's back. A Stamp will be floating on the right side of the water surrounded by Coin Rings. Swim through it to pick it up.

Star 2: After jumping off Plessie's back, hit the long ? Block on the left of the path and use the Fire Flower to throw fireballs at the two torches. Now jump into the unveiled Cloud Cannon. You'll find yourself on a floating island of Color Tiles. Run around and activate them all to reveal an 8-bit Link. Grab the Green Star that appears on Link's head. Jump down on the side to return to the main level.

Star 3: When you land, you'll see a Green Star Ring. Activate it and then collect the eight Green Coins to make the Star appear. Be careful not to let a shockwave or any enemies hit you on the way to the flagpole.

World Star-2: Super Galaxy (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Make your way across the rotating blue and red platforms until you see a blue platform on the right with a Brick Block floating over it. Carefully jump on the brick block and jump once more to reach the first Green Star.

Stamp: You'll eventually come to an area with a long stretch of rotating red and blue platforms. The blue platform on the very end has a Warp Box you'll need to enter to keep going, but it's only on one side. Jump into it when it's facing up.

Now that you're in the next area, jump up the three rotating blue platforms and then jump against the wall to reveal a hidden ? Block. Jump in the center of the long block to reveal another hidden block. Now get on top of the platform and go left. You'll see three rotating blue panels. Use a Super Bell to transform into a cat (if you aren't one already) and then climb up the blue platforms to get a Stamp.

Star 2: Run up the red and blue ramps on the right and you'll come to a checkerboard area. The second Green Star is rotating on the red platform on the top left. Wait for the Star to be accessible and then quickly snatch it before hopping away.

Star 3: The next area has a rotating red ramp above a rotating blue ramp. Instead of jumping up to the red ramp, go along the bottom and you'll find the last Green Star. You'll need to carefully defeat the enemies and dodge their cannon balls to reach it. Continue through the Warp Box on the red ramp to get to the flagpole.

World Star-3: Rolling Ride Run (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Pro Tip: You must play as Rosalina to get all of the collectibles in this course.

Star 1: Jump onto the cylinder and make it roll to the right by running on it. When you get to the area where two cylinders are next to each other, jump on the one closest to the camera and roll it to the right. Then, jump into the pink Warp Box on the ledge. Once inside, you'll have 10 seconds to get the Green Star. Immediately, run and jump to the right and you'll be able to grab your prize.

Star 2: You'll now see a bunch of Conkdor enemies poised to hit you while moving along a cylinder. Move away from their hits and continue to move the cylinder to the right. Once you reach the next area, jump into the Warp Box.

Move along the course and pass the checkpoint flag. You'll see three Conkdors on a cylinder, either defeat them using a power-up or jump past them. Jump up the three small cylinders and then when you get on the large one, step down towards the camera onto the smaller part of it and rotate it until the Green Star appears on the tip.

Stamp: Only Rosalina can get this Stamp. Grab the Boomerang Flower from the long ? Block and hit all of the enemies that block your way as you maneuver the large cylinder to the right. Be careful not to let it get away from you as this will make you fall.

Instead of passing through the row of pink Blurkers blocking your way, move right and then jump down to the platform nearest the camera. There's a button in here that Rosalina needs to press in order to unlock the Stamp.

Star 3: Get back on the large cylinder and continue to move it to the right, dodging enemies and throwing Boomerangs as you go. You'll see a row of coins going away from the camera. Follow these and defeat the Stingby enemies you see along the way.

You'll eventually see a 2 Platform. If there's more than one person playing, you'll need to have two players stand on the platform so it can raise to the Green Star. If you're playing solo and didn't manage to maintain a Double Cherry to this point, you can also use a Super Bell and then climb up the wall as a cat to grab it.

World Star-4: The Great Goal Pole (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Follow the flagpole and never let it get too far away from you. The first Green Star will be right along the path it takes.

Stamp: When you come to the area with a Walleye blocking your way to the Stamp, trick it into running one way and then dodge around it from the other way to grab your prize. Now, quickly chase after that flagpole.

Star 2: When you see two more Walleye enemies crab walking back and forth on Cloud platforms, make sure you continue as far right as you can on the falling yellow and orange Donut Blocks to reach the seconds Green Star. But be quick and jump on the cloud platforms afterward.

Star 3: Continue chasing after the flagpole. When you see the Donut Blocks on the left creating stepping stones upwards jump on them and you'll be brought to a single row of Donut Blocks. Run along it and chase after the flagpole. The third Green Star will be right in your path.

But this level hasn't ended yet. You need to jump down ahead of the flagpole and then touch it to end the course.

World Star-Toad: Captain Toad Takes a Spin (5 Stars)

Star 1: Step on the P Panel in front of you to rotate the block. Now head to the Coins and fall off. Wait for the Fizzlit to pull into a purple blob and then move past him on the right to get the first Green Star.

Star 2: Pass this first Fizzlit enemy and head left and up until Toad is held up against a small wall. Have him fall below. Have him fall once again to get the Green Star surrounding by three blocks.

Star 3: Go up the ramp and head to the area with the four Fizzlits. Press the P button to rotate the block. Carefully make your way along the narrow blocks on the wall and drop down to where the Green Star is. Go up the ramp and claim your prize.

Star 4: Walk along your current set of blocks and hit the P Button. You should see two Fizzlits next to each other on the bottom level. Make your way towards them and carefully pass them when they are purple blobs to collect the Star hiding behind them.

Star 5: Go back to the other side of the two Fizzlit enemies and head up the ramp to the P Button. Press it to rotate the block once more. This will cause Toad to fall down onto a platform with the last Green Star.

World Star-5: Super Block Land (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Make your way right past several Chargin' Chuck enemies until you see a row of large ? Blocks near the yellow Warp Box. Ground Pound the one on the far left to have it raise you to the pink Warp Box above.

After entering the pink Warp Box, you'll have 10 seconds to get the Star. Get on the blocks and Ground Pound the largest one on the right to have it bring you to the Green Star.

Stamp: Instead of entering the yellow Warp Box, come towards the camera and you'll see a large Brick Block that's lower than the rest. Ground pound it repeatedly until it breaks to unearth the Stamp. Now use the Jump Panel to get back up and enter the yellow Warp Box.

Star 2: Grab a dormant Bob-omb on the left and then throw it at the gray Brick Block in the upper left corner. A Green Star is hiding inside. Run over to it to add it to your collection.

Star 3: Use a Super Bell to turn yourself into a cat and crawl up the large red, orange, Yellow blocks. Run as far as you can to the right and you'll see the Green Star. Jump towards it to grab it. If you're not sure how far to jump, look at your shadow and make it line up with the Green Star's shadow.

Key Coins: You'll need to collect five Key Coins in order to unlock the Warp Box and get to the flagpole. Here's where they are.

World Star-6: Honeycomb Starway (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Hit the ? Block to get a Boomerang Flower. Repeatedly throw Boomerangs at any enemies coming your way as the camera shifts. Throw your Boomerang at the Red ! Block and then head right along the newly opened path to get the first Green Star.

Star 2: Move along the various platforms avoiding lava tiles and spike rollers. Make sure to grab the Double Cherry in the left ? Block along the way. Throw Boomerangs as the Biddybuds that cross your path. Once they're all defeated, a Green Star will appear in the middle of the large honeycomb tile area.

Star 3: Continue moving upward and follow the path of tiles as they attach to the current platform. Be careful to dodge Fire Piranha Plant fireballs and don't step on any lava tiles along the way. Hurl the Boomerang at the farthest lava tile on the left to grab the third Green Star.

Stamp: Use the Boomerang to defeat enemies you encounter. Eventually, you'll see a Stamp floating on the right side. Throw the Boomerang to reach it.

World Star-7: Gargantuan Grotto (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Stamp: Run right until you see the two huge Galoombas. Jump up on the grassy ledge and hit the ? Block to get a Mega Mushroom. You'll be invincible as long as the Mega Mushroom lasts. Quickly run right and jump into the gray blocks hanging from above to get the Stamp. Quickly Ground Pound into blocks below to drop into the next area.

Star 1: While you're still huge, continue right and you'll see a wall of pink Blurker enemies. Run into them and you'll grab the first Green Star in the middle of the wall behind them.

Star 2: Continue on until you fall into some water. Move along the backside of the course near the kelp to prevent yourself from being forced into the spikes. When there's a gap, swim up and hit the ? Block to get another Mega Mushroom. Then, quickly drop back down and continue right. You're once more invincible while huge so just keep charging through any enemies or obstacles.

When you get to the area with orange Mushroom Trampolines on the ground, Ground Pound and you'll be launched through some gray Brick Blocks above you. Grab the second Green Star up here.

Star 3: Before passing through the next green pipe, wait for your character to shrink and then swim up straight above the green pipe. You'll enter a secret area with another green pipe. Hit the ? Block to get yet another Mega Mushroom and then step on the P Switch. Quickly collect all of the blue coins in the room before they disappear to get the last Green Star. You won't be able to reach them all if you aren't huge.

World Star-8: Peepa's Fog Bog (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Head up the right side of the area until you see a glowing spot of ground near the back. Ground Pound on it to reveal a Yellow Star. Now run to the top left of the area and defeat the Peepas circling Captain Toad to earn a Green Star.

Key Coins: You'll need to collect five Key Coins in order to go any further in the level. Here's where they are.

Star 2: Ride along the raft and walk through the foggy planks until you see a pink Warp Box on the right of some Snow Pokeys. Jump into it. You'll now have 10 seconds to get the Star. To do that, grab a snowball from the center of the room and then quickly return to the stone. A Green Star will appear, chuck the snowball at it and add it to your collection.

Star 3: When you come out of the pink Warp Box, you should see two Snow Pokeys with red pails on their heads. Jump on top of the small one to steal a snowball from it. Now carry that with you up and then to the left on the planks above. Throw the snowball at the Star floating on the left.

Stamp: Continue forward along the wooden path. Just after the last Dash Panel go right and jump to the platform with the Stamp.

World Star-9: Cosmic Cannon Cluster (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

You'll need to have collected 210 Green Stars to unlock this level.

Star 1: Jump onto the Switchboard and go on the far end to make it move forward. When you get to the area with the ? Block hovering over the island, jump off real quick, and hit it. You'll now be wearing a Cannon Box. Jump back onto the Switchboard and continue to move forward, hitting enemies and dodging cannonballs.

Stamp: As you keep going, you'll soon see a Stamp floating over an island on the left. Shoot a cannonball at the ? Block to make a bridge, then cross over and grab the Stamp. Now get back on the Switchboard and keep going.

Star 2: If you lost your Cannon Box, there are more to grab in the next area and you'll need one to get the next Star. If you aren't currently turned into a cat, use a Super Bell and climb up the wall with the Cannon Box on your head. On the right side of this higher area, you'll see a crack in the wall. Shoot it to reveal the second Green Star. Now head through the pipe that's to the left of here.

Star 3: This one's tricky. You'll find yourself underwater. Continue to use the cannonballs to blast enemies and obstacles out of your way until you can get into the pipe on the end. You'll find yourself once more on a Switchboard. Use your Cannon Box to hit the first two ! Switch Blocks that you see and grab the Green Star. But then turn the Switchboard around before it falls off and hit the ! Switch Block again to change the rails. Now continue forward to the end hitting ! Switch Blocks as necessary.

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