Super Mario 3D World Stars and Stamps guide: How to get all 380 Green Stars and 85 Stamps

World Flower — (36 Stars)

Super Mario 3D World Hisstocrat bosses getting defeated (Image credit: iMore)

Once again, we encounter a world without any Stamps. However, you'll still be busy as there are 36 Green Stars hidden throughout the various levels. Not to mention that the levels are about to get a whole lot more challenging. Here's how to collect all those Green Stars and make it to the flagpole.

World Flower-1: Switch Shock Circus (3 Stars)

Star 1: Instead of running forward, immediately turn around and head through the pink Warp Box. Ground Pound on the Mushroom Trampolines to go as high up as you can then slide down against the buttons to activate them. Do this for both sides and collect your Green Star before the 10-second timer runs out.

Star 2: Now head forward and activate all of the Blue ? Panels. The purple Fizzlet enemies can easily be defeated by hitting them when they are purple. Continue on and grab a Lucky Bell from the ? Blocks on the right. Continue until you find a Green Star Ring. Activate it and collect all of the Green Coins within the time limit to get the second Green Star.

Star 3: Continue on until you're at the place with the club icon on the wall. Activate all of the ? Panels to open the door and continue on. Now head through the Clear Pipe Cannon. When the flagpole is in view, head right and destroy the wooden blocks. Now turn around and head left, destroy the wooden blocks, and grab the baseball they were hiding. Carefully throw the baseball at the floating Green Star on the right to add it to your collection.

World Flower-2: Floating Fuzzy Time Mine (3 Stars)

Star 1: This is another one of those levels where the camera continues to move at a steady pace. To start, run to the ? Blocks on the right and grab a Lucky Bell. Climb up directly above the ? Blocks to get the first Green Star.

Star 2: Now head up the wall using the platforms and water blocks being careful not to hit spikes. When you get to an area where a water block is moving back and forth beneath a cloud platform, swim up repeatedly to hit the Block until it breaks. This will reveal the first Green Star. Jump up onto the next platform and keep going right.

Star 3: Carefully dodge the waves of spikes coming out from the ground as you make your way right. Eventually, you'll swim up a water block and find a Green Star Ring. Activate it and then collect all eight Green Coins before they go away to get the third Green Star.

World Flower-3: Piranha Creeper Creek After Dark (3 Stars)

Star 1: Hit the first ? Block to get a Fire Flower. Now dodge or defeat enemies while making sure to light all seven torches (including the one with a Fire Piranha Plant in it) along the way with your fireballs. Once all of the torches are lit, a Green Star will appear.

Star 2: Head through the pipe and continue to light all 12 of the torches along the way as you jump from island to island. As before, this includes the torch with the Fire Piranha Plant in it. Once they're all lit, another Green Star will appear. If you get hurt and lose your Fire Flower, check the other ? Blocks in the area to get another one.

Star 3: Defeat the Piranha Creeper at the end and enter its pipe. Light the three torches in this next area to make the last Green Star appear. Grab it and then head to the flagpole.

World Flower-4: Faster Fort Fire Bros. (3 Stars)

Star 1: You'll only start off with 30 seconds on the count down. Either jump on the first stack of Goombas you see or use a powerup to defeat them and grab the first Green Star. Then, quickly continue on to the right.

Star 2: Grab any clocks that you see along the way to add valuable time to your total. Hitting the ? Blocks above the first Clock will give you a Fire Flower. Throw a fireball through the Clear Pipe to hit the Fire Bro on the other side. You'll need to defeat the third Fire Bro and his Goomba stack to make a Warp Box appear that will take you to the next section

Star 3: As soon as you come out of the Warp Box, use a Lucky Bell or a Super Bell to climb up the wall as a cat and grab the last Green Star. Quickly head right grabbing any clocks you see along the way.

When you see two stacks of Goombas with a Fire Bro jumping between them, you'll need to defeat all of the enemies in this area to unlock a Warp Box to the flagpole. Being turned into a cat or using fireballs will make this faster.

World Flower-5: Sprawling Savannah Rabbit Run (3 Stars)

Pro Tip: We suggest using Toad for this level since he's the fastest of the bunch and is required for unlocking the third Green Star.

Star 1: You're gonna need to chase down the large bunny in order to get this Green Star. Use all of the dash panels along the way to keep up with the rabbit until you catch him and get your Green Star.

Star 2: Now head to the far back right corner of this section and jump up the cloud platforms to the Clear Pipe Cannon. This will shoot you out into a cloud platform with the second Green Star.

Star 3: Head to the far back left corner and enter the clear pipe near the center of the back wall. When you're on top near the Conkdors, step on the blue Toad button to make a Green Star appear. Move across the cloud platforms to get the Green Star. Now head to the flagpole on the right.

World Flower-6: Shiftier Boo Mansion (3 Stars)

Star 1: The first Green Star is tricky. This level starts off with a Big Boo chasing you. Lead it a little way to the right and then dodge around it and go behind it to get the first Green Star. Carefully dodge around it again and continue right. Remember, you can always stop it in its tracks by looking its way.

Star 2: Continue right and up the stairs (ignore the Warp Box down the stairs since it's a fake). When you see the sofa, ride it up to where a 1-Up Mushroom is waiting for you, and then head right on the platform to get the second Green Star.

Star 3: When you head through the door on the right you'll see a flagpole surrounded by Big Boos. Dodge around them and head through the door in the back as the flagpole is a fake. Now dodge around all of the Big Boo enemies in this next section while heading left. When you get to the end where the ground keeps dropping off you'll be able to grab the last Green Star. Now quickly head through the door in the back.

The next flagpole you see will also be a fake. When you're near it, head to the bottom left of the screen and you'll see a hidden cloud platform. Jump on it and follow the trail to the Warp Box. This will take you to the path with the true flagpole.

World Flower-7: Pipeline Boom Lagoon (3 Stars)

Star 1: You'll need to have cat powers to get this first Green Star. Hit one of the ? Block to get a Cannon Box and then head into the green pipe. Keep heading right defeating or dodging enemies until you are forced to go underwater. You'll see gray Brick Blocks on the far right of this area. Shoot a cannon at them to reach your first Green Star. Now head straight up and go through the Warp Box.

Star 2: Pass the flagpole and continue down into the water. If you lost a Cannon Box along the way, you'll be able to grab a new one at the first ? Blocks you see. When you've passed the first to spike blocks but still have one in front of you, swim straight up and defeat the Bloopers along the way. You'll eventually see the second Green Star on the right.

Star 3: Drop back down from where you got the second Star and head right careful not to touch any spikes. You'll soon see a group of gray Brick Blocks. Shoot the cannon at them to reveal a Green Star Ring. Pass through it and then collect the eight Green Coins to get the last Green Star. Shooting cannonballs can help you collect them faster.

World Flower-8: Blast Block Skyway (3 Stars)

Pro tip: The beep blocks in this area alternate a lot faster than they ever did before. For that reason, you're going to want to hang onto a Super Leaf powerup as long as you can so you can float when necessary. Princess Peach automatically floats more than other characters, so she's also a great character to use here.

Star 1: Jump along the alternating blocks until you see a Green Star floating over a ? Block in the distance. Carefully jump on top of the block and grab the first Star. Now head through the Warp Box.

Star 2: Time your jump so that you can make it up the alternating steps and dodge the spike rollers floating down. Once you get past the Spike enemy, you'll see a Green Star Ring. Activate it and collect all of the Green Coins with the help of the platform to get the second Star.

Star 3: After passing through the next Warp Box, head to the super long alternating red and blue slide and carefully slide or jump from side to side. The third Green Star is near the bottom, so you'll need to nab it before reaching the end. Now continue to the flagpole.

World Flower-9: Towering Sunshine Seaside (3 Stars)

Pro tip: You'll need to defeat all of the Fire Bros. in the area to make a Warp Box appear at the flagpole. To make things easier, you'll want to have a Fire Flower when you start.

Star 1: You'll only have 100 seconds on the clock when the level begins so you're going to want to move quickly. Immediately head as far right as you can and defeat the stack of Goombas to get the Green Star on their heads.

Star 2: Next, head left until you get to the sandhill and see the huge stack of Goombas in the water. Using a powerup or Rosalina's spin attack, defeat the set of Goombas and the Fire Bro on top. Now go to the bottom left of the hill and enter the clear pipe to get the second Green Star.

Star 3: Head as far left as you can until you see a pier with four torches. Using a Fire Flower, light all of the torches to make the third Green Star appear. If you've lost your powerup, you can also get the Fire Bro to light the torches if you stand next to them and then dodge at the right moment.

World Flower-10: Honeycomb Skyway (3 Stars)

Star 1: Immediately go to the ? Block and hit it to get a Boomerang Flower. Throw it out in front of you as you move forward to defeat any nearby enemies. You'll eventually get to an area with a slightly lighter hexagon. Wait for a block to come by with a Green Star floating over it and then hurl your Boomerang at it to add it to your collection. Watch out, a Fire Piranha Plant is also moving around just behind it.

Star 2: When you see the Big Piranha Plant, throw your Boomerang at it twice to defeat it and keep going. Now you'll need to dodge several enemies and fireballs as you move forward. When you see a clear pipe on the right enter it and it will take you to the second Green Star. Quickly nab it and then continue forward.

Star 3: Several Biddybuds will appear in your path and then you'll come to a stretch where the flooring builds upon itself as you approach. Carefully maneuver through here dodging lava tiles and enemies. A Green Star will be floating on the left just past some lava tiles. Throw a Boomerang at it to get your prize.

When you get to the last stretch you'll see some Big Piranha Plants. You'll need to defeat them in order to make a Warp Box appear that lets you get to the flagpole.

World Flower-11: Spiky Spike Bridge Sneak (3 Stars)

Pro tip: As with previous spotlight levels, bad things happen when any main characters are illuminated. Stay in the shadows as much as possible to keep from setting things off. You will need a Super Bell or Lucky Bell powerup on you to get all of the Stars in this level.

Star 1: Move along avoiding the spotlight and making your way over the blue spike platforms. They won't activate unless you are illuminated by the light. When you get to the second stretch of spike platforms, wait for the spotlight to move to your left, and then run around the platforms until you get to the orange spike platforms. These ones go off regardless of the spotlight. Carefully time your jumps and use your cat powers to climb up the tower on the left to get the first Green Star.

Star 2: Go back along the orange spike platforms and continue along the path through the Warp Blocks. You'll come to an area with a long set of orange spike platforms and a Fire Bro enemy on some ? Blocks on the left. To get the Green Star, you'll need to have someone who's currently turned into the cat call down the side of the tower and then climb back up to safety. Now continue on along the spike platforms to the right.

Star 3: Jump and dodge your way along the course until you get to a giant spotlight with two sets of brick blocks. Jump along the brick blocks and over to the far upper right to get the last Green Star. Now carefully jump along the spikey platforms until you can get to the flagpole in the back. If you get hurt, pull out any powerups you have and continue forward.

World Flower-12: Boss Blitz (3 Stars)

There are five Warp Blocks each with a different boss behind it. Thing is, only three of these bosses actually have a Green Star, but each time you defeat one of them a Key Coin will appear where the Warp Box once stood. You'll need all five Key Coins to unlock the end Warp Block.

Boss Brolder: Enter the Warp Box second from the right to begin your Boss Brolder fight. Hit one of the normal-sized Brolders to make it recede into itself and then throw it at the Boss Brolder. Do this three times and he'll be defeated. Make sure to dodge any fire attacks he throws at you.

Boom Boom: Enter the Warp Box on the far right to face Boom Boom. He'll spin around the room and then fall down dizzy. While he's down jump on his head or hit him. He'll then go invisible. Dodge away from his spin attacks and wait for him to get dizzy again. Hitting him three times will defeat him.

Pom Pom: Enter the Warp Box second from the left to face Pom Pom. She'll clone herself and throw shuriken. Note which Pom Pom is throwing a pink shuriken and hit her three times to defeat her. Power-ups can make this go a lot easier.

Hisstocrats: The Two Hisstocrats are behind the Warp Block in the center. We recommend using a Super Bell to defeat them. Climb up the snakes to get on the saucers and then jump on both of the Hisstocrats' heads three times each to defeat them. Grab your second Green Star when it appears.

King Ka-thunk: Enter the Warp Box furthest to the left to fight King Ka-thunk. Get in front of him and trick him to fall on his face. Now jump on his backside to hurt him. Do this three times and he'll be defeated.

Motley Bossblob: After defeating the first five bosses, you'll unlock a Warp Block which will take you to a fight with Motley Bossblob. As before, he'll try to stomp on you, run away from his attacks, and jump over his shock waves. When the blobs fall off, jump on him and grab a Double Cherry. Repeat two more times to defeat him.

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