Super Mario 3D World Stars and Stamps guide: How to get all 380 Green Stars and 85 Stamps

World 3 — (31 Stars, 8 Stamps)

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Try not to freeze as you make your way into the World 3 levels. There are a total of 31 Green Stars and 8 Stamps to collect. Here are tips for how to get them all.

World 3-1: Snowball Park (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Run to the right and go behind the two trees. Pick up the orange Propeller Box hiding back there. Whoever wears it will be able to fly straight up into the sky and then glide back down.

Use it to fly above the flying Biddybuds and then come crashing down on them until they're gone and you can get the Green Star behind them. Players can also jump on top of the Biddybuds or throw snowballs to get rid of them.

Star 2: Continue right and past the checkpoint flag. Pass the Ice Skate Goombas and you'll see a white rabbit running around. Chase it down to get another Green Star.

Stamp: Just past the area where you saw the rabbit, you'll see an icy area with a hole and a Stamp on the far side. Jump or carefully walk over to it to pick it up.

Star 3: You should see a Green Star in the alcove at the end of this area. To get to it, either jump off from atop the tree, use the Propeller Box, or use a Super Bell to climb up the wall.

World 3-2: Chain-Link Charge (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Head right dodging the moving platforms that try to shove you off. You'll reach an area where two gates are moving up and down with golden Coin Rings nearby, the second set of Coin Rings has a Green Star floating at the top. Use the gate to either wall jump to get it or if you are currently turned into a cat with the Super Bell, climb up the gate to reach the Star.

Star 2: Continue dodging through the floating gates. You'll eventually see a warp box. Ignore it for now and wait for the camera to pan right. A Green Star is sitting on a cloud platform after a double set of moving gates. Time your jump accordingly to reach the cloud platform and grab the second Green Star before heading to the warp box.

Stamp: Pass the checkpoint and continue up the level while dodging gates and enemies. When you get to a stationary blue gate with a clear pipe beside it, someone who is turned into a cat needs to climb up the fence where the Coin Ring shadows are. A Stamp is floating just above them.

Star 3: Hit the Cat Wheel to move the two wooden blocks on the right up. Now, climb up on top of the boxes to reach the last Star.

World 3-3: Shifty Boo Mansion (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Head right and jump into the large Boo picture at the top of the stairs. The room will rotate until you're able to grab the Green Star.

Stamp: There is a red sofa just to the left of the Boo picture. Get on it and ride it to the top to get the Stamp.

Star 2: Keep going and head into the library. Make your way onto the top middle platform with a ? Block on it. This will cause it to move. Go left and touch each of the platforms to make them move away until a Green Star is revealed.

Star 3: Go past the checkpoint flag, past the Big Boo, and into the purple door on the right. Continue on passing the ghostly Peepas moving in unison to block your way to the next purple door. You'll now be back inside. Head right as far as you can and make sure you pass the purple door at the end of the hall. Jump on the red sofa and allow it to give you a ride to the higher platform. Jump into the pipe and it will turn into a Green Star.

World 3-4: Pretty Plaza Panic (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

You'll want to play as Princess Peach to get all collectibles in this level.

Star 1: Immediately upon entering the level jump towards the camera and over the small arch to reach a cloud with a Green Star on it.

Star 2: Make your way across the first set of rotating platforms and you'll see a small body of water with a rabbit nearby. Chase the rabbit down to get the next Star.

Stamp: You'll need to play as Princess Peach to get this Stamp. After catching the rabbit, make your way onto the next set of rotating platforms. When you get to the area with a + Clock, go left and jump on the Princess Peach button to reveal the Stamp.

Star 3: Continue along the rotating platform until you see a Goomba surrounded by Mini Goombas. Jump up on the column behind them to reach the Cloud Cannon. Now make your way to the very end of these cloud platforms and snatch the final Green Star just before falling down to the ground.

World 3-A: Magikoopa Blockade (1 Star)

Star 1: You must defeat three Magikoopas to get this Star. To do this, simply dodge around their spells and jump on their heads one time each.

World 3-5: Pipeline Lagoon (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

The Green Stars in this level are a little tricky.

Star 1: Make your way past the three Swim Ring Goombas and head down the green pipe. Now head right and go underwater until you come to an area with an entrance to a Clear Pipe Cannon with a wooden sign next to it. Instead of going in the pipe, wait for the water to rise and wall jump up to get the Green Star.

Stamp: Continue through the Clear Pipe Cannon and head past the checkpoint. Drop down and head right until you reach an area with a wooden sign pointing down to a bunch of Coin Rings. Go straight up and you'll come into a hidden area with a Stamp clearly visible. Nab it and break the boxes on the right to hit the ? Block and grab a Cannon Box.

Star 2: With the Cannon Box in tow, drop back into the water and go through the Coin Rings. Shoot a cannonball at the purple Procupuffer to get rid of it and then shoot a cannonball at the cracks in the wall to reveal a green pipe. Entering the pipe brings you to a room with a Green Star and several Coins.

Star 3: Once you've left the pipe that leads to the second Star, head right and defeat the Porcupuffers blocking your way with some well-timed cannonballs. Instead of heading into the pipe, head straight up where the third set of Porcupuffers were swimming and you'll find a Clear Pipe Cannon. It will lead you to a room with wooden boxes on the right. Swim up above these boxes to get the third Green Star.

World 3-6: Mount Must Dash (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Start dashing your way right. The path will split shortly after reaching a trio of Biddybuds, go down, and hop along the platforms to get the first Green Star.

Star 2: After passing the checkpoint, climb up the hill until you reach a large number of Biddybuds floating around a pink Warp Box on a lower platform. You'll now have 10 seconds to catch the rabbit in this room to earn the second Green Star. Make sure to use the Dash Panels to make this happen.

Stamp: After leaving the Warp Box area, continue heading right until you see a Jump Panel right before the colorful slide. Use the Jump Panel to hit the two angled Mushroom Trampolines and reach the Stamp floating in the air above.

Star 3: Continue down the colorful slide and when you get to the Jump Panel at the bottom, you'll need to hit it just right so as to propel yourself onto the platform on the right with the Green Star. You can also use a Super Bell to turn yourself into a cat and climb up the wall to get the last Star.

World 3-7: Switchboard Falls (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Stand on the further side of the Switchboard to make it move down the rails. Now, continue to use the next two Switchboards and Switchblocks to help navigate your character(s) further into the level. When you're going down the rails just after being in the area next to the rolling orange and yellow Fuzzler, jump at the right moment to reach a platform with three + Clocks on it. Stand in the center Donut Block and it will fall away. Try to touch all of the Coins and Coin Rings as you fall and this will lead you to the first Green Star.

Star 2: After passing the checkpoint, make your way along the floating Switchboards and through the waterfall. Head right and drop onto the left side of a Switchboard to make it move forward. Duck and you'll go under the wall to reach the second Green Star behind the waterfall.

Star 3: Make your way along the Switchboards until you get to the one that drops below when the Switch Block is activated. Press down on the right side of the Switch and jump over the Fuzzler that comes rolling down at you. The third Green Star awaits you at the end of the rails.

Stamp: Step on the left side of the Switchboard and jump onto the Switchboard on the left. Use it to head right and you'll reach the Stamp.

World 3-Train: The Bullet Bill Express (3 Stars, 1 Stamp, 1 Boss)

Star 1: Quickly jump on top of the Train and get the Green Star on the tail end.

Star 2: Head right dodging enemies and Cat Bullet Bills until you see a stack of five Goombas with a Star on top. Defeat the Goombas by swiping them using cat claws or getting the Cat Bullet Bills to run into them then grab the Green Star.

Star 3: Head down the green pipe in the area where the large Cat Banzai Bills are shooting near a large group of boxes. This will take you to the other train in the distance. Right before getting to the Warp Box at the head of the red train, you'll see a wooden box. Destroy it to rescue Captain Toad and he'll reward you with a Green Star. Now use the Warp Box to get back to the main train.

Stamp: You'll see two red Hammer Bros. on the Bowser Train. Drop down to the Hammer Bro. inside the train and defeat him. Now you can reach the Stamp that waits further in.

Boss: Pom Pom clones herself, but the real one only throws pink Shuriken. Dodge her throws and then jump on the real one, or swipe at her with cat claws three times to defeat her.

World 3-Toad: Captain Toad Makes a Splash (5 Stars)

Star 1: Drop down into the water and head through the clear pipe on the backside of the level. Come out of the second clear pipe opening and grab the Green Star in the opening.

Star 2: Head into the water once more and time your movements so you dodge the purple Rammerhead Shark to grab the Green Star at the end.

Star 3: Drop back into the water and head through the clear pipe on the backside. Pop out of the first clear pipe opening. Walk down the wooden planks and into the wall. Now fall down into the water on the backside of the level. Walk along the grassy flooring to reach this Star.

Star 4: Drop into the clear pipe next to the third Star to get on the highest platform. Fall through the hole and drop on the P Switch to raise the water level. Now walk on the raised wooden plank to get the fourth Green Star.

Star 5: While next to the P Switch with the water raised, head along the wooden platform that leads just under the fifth Star. Go under it and then up the block ramp to reach the final Star.

World 3-B: A Banquet with Hisstocrat (1 Star)

Star 1: As with most things in this game, this battle is a lot easier if you are using a Super Bell and have been turned into a cat. There's a white X on Hisstocrat's head. You'll need to climb up the saucers on top of the lesser snakeheads; then jump and hit Hisstocrat on the X three times in order to defeat him. Avoid his attacks and if you need to step on cracked plates do so quickly.

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