Super Mario 3D World Stars and Stamps guide: How to get all 380 Green Stars and 85 Stamps

World Crown — (38 Stars, 2 Stamp)

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After unlocking the rocket at World Flower, you can jump into the spaceship and ride it to World Crown. If you thought the World Flower levels were hard, just wait. Things are about to get seriously tricky, but we'll help you through it. Here's where to find the 38 Green Stars and both Stamps in World Flower.

World Crown-1: Champion's Road (3 Stars)

This level is incredibly difficult, but you've got this. Here's what to do.

Star 1: Head right along the blue and pink blocks jumping from section to section as needed. In this next section, you'll see Chargin' Chucks on thin platforms. Run along these platforms and dodge past them. Then, jump into the Warp Box. You'll come to a quickly alternating Beep Block section. You'll basically only have time to land and then immediately jump again so plan your movements accordingly and continue forward. The first Green Star is on top of a platform after walking up a few Beep Block steps. Continue through the Clear Pipe Cannon.

Star 2: You'll need to defeat three Magikoopas. Thing is, any square you step on will fall away into the void below before getting replaced. Carefully defeat them all without falling and then head through the Warp Block that appears. Jump over the spike roller and grab the potted Piranha Plant standing alone on a platform. Now continue along and have the Piranha Plant eat the Fuzzy enemies you encounter to make it easier to move forward. Pass over the moving yellow platforms and Jump over the spike rollers to reach the next Green Star. Then enter the Warp Box.

Star 3: Wall jump up the red blocks while avoiding hitting the Horned Ant Troopers. Then, jump up the next wall by landing on Piranha Creeper heads. Next, you'll need to quickly swim along a moving block of water without touching any spikes until you're able to enter a Clear Pipe Cannon. Run along the Dash Panels avoiding shock waves and enemies along the way. A Green Star will be waiting for you in the middle of the section right before the Key Coins.

Key Coins: In order to unlock the Warp Box, you need to collect all five Key Coins in this area. Here's where they are.

Stamp: After passing through the unlocked Warp Block, you'll need to make your way through the Clear Pipe that spells out "Thank You !!" and then enter the next Warp Block. Now it's smooth sailing to the flagpole and you can grab the Stamp along the way.

World Crown-2: Captain Toad's Fiery Finale (5 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Drop down immediately on your left and land on the grated platforms. Run around the corner where you came in and you'll find the first Green Star.

Star 2: Get back on those grated platforms. As soon as the lava falls all the way down, head left and quickly get on the next grate. When it rises to the top get off. Drop down on your left while the lava recedes and grab the Green Star in the cavern. Quickly run to the grate you just crossed over.

Star 3: Head left onto the Propeller Platform and activate it to keep it in the air. Step off on the next grate platform when it rises to your level. When the lava levels fall again, drop off on the left and continue to the next Propeller platform. Immediately activate it to keep yourself out of danger. This will also cause you to reach the third Green Star.

Star 4: Drop onto the next platform when the lava goes down and then get on the next Propeller Platform. Activate it to bring you up to the yellow and orange Donut Blocks. Quickly walk across them to get the next Green Star.

Stamp: Head towards the Fire Piranha Plant taking care not to get hit, but then dive around the corner and step on the Propeller Platform. Activate it to bring you up to the clouds. You'll be able to grab a bunch of Coins and the Stamp up here.

Star 5: While on the clouds drop down into the hole in the center to defeat the Fire Piranha Plant and then grab the last Green Star.

World Crown-3: Mystery House Marathon (30 Stars, 1 Stamp)

This gauntlet of Stars is super challenging, but here's what you need to do get all 30 Green Stars. Remember, you can always take a break by pausing the game or not entering the next pink Warp Box until you're ready to move on. You might want to play as Rosalina since her spin attack makes it easier to defeat enemies.

Star 1: You need to defeat three Koopas. Jump on one and steal its shell, then enter the shell and defeat the others while you're temporarily invincible to make the first Star appear.

Star 2: Jump along the swinging platforms as you head to right. Jump at the right moment to snag the floating Green Star.

Star 3: You'll need to defeat both Brolders. Jump on one's head to make it recede and then pick it up and throw it at a P Panel. Do the same with the other one. Now jump on the last P Panel to make the Green Star appear.

Star 4: Hit the ? Block to get a Fire Flower. Now quickly light all of the torches in the room to get the Green Star.

Star 5: Jump to the left avoiding Peepas as the room rotates until you can reach the Green Star safely.

Star 6: Destroy the wooden blocks in the room until you find the Green Star. If you managed to hold onto the Fire Flower powers to this point, it will come in handy for breaking boxes.

Star 7: Defeat the Goomba and the Mini Goombas. As before, if you managed to still retain your Fire Flower powerup to this point, use it to defeat them all faster.

Star 8: Grab a baseball and throw it at just the right moment when the Biddybuds are out of the way so that it hits the Green Star at the bottom.

Star 9: Hit the Hop-Chops enemies until one of them turns into a Springboard. Ground Pound on it to jump on the wooden platform above and grab the Green Star.

Star 10: Move to the right and you'll discover a hidden pathway, run on top of it, jump on top of the Thwomps, and then jump back on the higher level. The Green Star is now all yours.

Star 11: Jump in an Ice Skate and ride down the frozen hill avoiding Walleyes on your way down. The Green Star is waiting at the center of the bottom area.

Star 12: Hit the ? Block to get a Super Bell. Now climb up on the right and hit the P Switch. As fast as you can, climb up the wall again and jump over the next wall to get the Green Star.

Star 13: While still a cat, climb up the hill and get the Green Star in the top left.

Star 14: Carefully jump your way up the Beep Blocks and then use your cat powers to climb up the green wall and get the Green Star.

Star 15: Jump up the red and yellow blocks and grab the Green Star. You're halfway there!

Star 16: Use your cat powers to climb up the rotating wheel between the fuzzy enemies and then jump onto the platform to get the Green Star.

Star 17: Use the dash panels to chase after the Rabbit. Once you touch it, a Green Star will appear.

Star 18: Grab a baseball and use the Jump Platform. When you're in the air, throw the baseball and hit the P Switch on the wall to make a Green Star appear.

Star 19: Run to the right and either defeat or jump over the Piranha Plants until you reach the Green Star.

Star 20 Push the two Bully enemies into the blue lava. If you still happen to have your cat powers, swiping at them will make this very easy.

Star 21: Hit the center ? Block, then the one on the right, finally the one on the left. When they're all activated, jump up and grab the Green Star.

Star 22: Run along the wooden planks until you reach the Green Star. If you feel comfortable, you can run straight and just jump across the gaps towards the Green Star to save a lot of time.

Star 23: Jump on the heads of the sleeping Piranha Creepers until you can reach the Green Star.

Star 24: Grab baseballs and throw them at the ? Panels when the Thwomps are in the air. Once all of the panels are activated, the Green Star will appear.

Star 25: You'll need to defeat all enemies in the room to get the Star. Run up to a potted Piranha Plant and pick it up. Now walk towards the Fuzzy enemies and the Piranha Plant will gobble them up. Have the Piranha Plant you're holding eat the other one and then defeat it by either swiping at it with cat claws or jumping on its head at the right moment. Just five Stars left!

Star 26: Run along the rotating ice cream sandwich, dodging attacks from the Piranha Plants until you can get the Green Star. It will be on the side closest to the camera view.

Star 27: Wall jump up between the two Brick Block pillars and then head to your right to get the Green Star. If you don't stop moving, the Cat Bullet Bills won't hit you and they'll disappear shortly after getting the Star.

Star 28: Run right along the Donut Blocks dodging spikey rollers along the way. Jump over the green Spike enemies and grab your Green Star.

Star 29: Jump on Boom Boom's head one time to defeat him and grab the Star.

Star 30 & Stamp: Run along the pathway collecting Coins and the Stamp. The Green Star awaits you at the end.

Super Mario 3D World The last 5 stamps

The remaining five Stamps can only be unlocked by beating every single level as each of the five playable characters. For instance, if you run through every single one of the game levels as Toad, you'll get the Toad Stamp. Same thing if you play through all the levels as Luigi and the other three characters. This is obviously really time-consuming and might just be for the completionists out there, but if you put your mind to it you can do it.

  • Mario Stamp: Play through all game levels while playing as Mario.
  • Luigi Stamp: Play through all game levels while playing as Luigi.
  • Peach Stamp: Play through all game levels while playing as Peach.
  • Toad Stamp: Play through all game levels while playing as Toad.
  • Rosalina Stamp: Play through all game levels while playing as Rosalina.

All Stars in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Now you know the secrets and tricks to unlocking all Super Mario 3D World Stars and Stamps. The game is relatively easy in the first few levels, but slowly increases in difficulty as time goes on. By the time you reach the Star, Mushroom, and Flower worlds things will have gotten significantly harder. 

The further along you get, the harder it is to complete the level with other players. If you're serious about collecting all Stars and Stamps within the game, then you should attempt levels on your own. Remember that each playable character offers different skills and you will need to play as specific characters within each level to unlock everything the game has to offer. 

Whether you're playing alone or with friends I hope you're able to collect everything and enjoy the journey along the way.

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