Super Mario 3D World Stars and Stamps guide: How to get all 380 Green Stars and 85 Stamps

World 4 — (30 Stars, 6 Stamps)

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Things get a little trickier as we move on to World 4. Whether you're playing co-op with friends or solo, here's where you'll find all 30 Green Stars and 6 Stamps in World 4.

World 4-1: Ant Trooper Hill (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Stamp: Make your way up the cliff and into the Ant Trooper cave. You'll see an area where six Ant Troopers are walking around a block and a Stamp is floating above it. Time your jump to get on this block when there is an opening and grab the Stamp. It can also help to have someone who's turned into a cat climb up the wall and grab it.

Star 1: Shortly after seeing the stamp, you'll see a bridge with several Horned Ant Troopers crawling all over it. Instead of stepping onto the bridge, head right and use a Super Bell to climb up the cliff as a cat to get the first Green Star.

Star 2: Cross the Horned Ant Trooper bridge and use a Big Ant Trooper to reach the green pipe in the wall. This leads you to an area with several Ant Troopers walking back and forth on a wall. Either bounce on their heads to reach the Green Star or have someone who is turned into a cat make their way to the top and grab it.

Star 3: Leave that pipe and head right. You'll need to bounce on a Big Ant Trooper as it walks across spikes. Jump at the proper moment to grab a floating Green Star.

World 4-2: Piranha Creeper Creek (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Make your way past the various Piranha Creepers until you find a blue one that is sleeping. Jump on its head to make it recede and then jump on its head to defeat it before entering the pipe. Just after dropping into the cave, you'll see another sleeping Piranha Creeper. Jump on it to unblock the pathway and then jump into the Warp Box. You'll now have 10 seconds to jump across four Piranha Creepers' heads and reach the Green Star.

Star 2: Pass the checkpoint flag and drop into the middle square hole with water in it. Go to the very bottom to retrieve the second Green Star.

Stamp: Just after the second Star, you'll see a Piranha Creeper hanging out over a larger body of water. Jump on its head and continue right instead of dropping into the water. This will lead you to the Stamp. Now enter the pipe and continue to the next area.

Star 3: Hop across the platforms on the poison river until you reach the Green Star Ring. You'll need to collect all eight Green Coins that appear on the two wooden platforms to get the Green Star.

World 4-A: Brolder Blockade (1 Star)

Star 1: Ground pound on the Brolder's head and then throw it into the lava. This will make three more appear. Do the same to these three to get the Green Star. You can also throw them at each other to get rid of them.

World 4-3: Beep Block Skyway (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Make your way over the switching Beep Blocks and hit every ? Block along the way to acquire as many Double Cherries as possible. When you get to the area with the two blue Hammer Bros., time your jumps correctly to grab the Green Star.

Stamp: When you get to the checkpoint flag, you'll see an elevator with a 4 on it. Four characters need to step on it whether they are individual players or Double Cherry clones. It will raise you up so you can get the Stamp.

Star 2: After coming out the other side of a Warp Box, you'll see two blue Hammer Bros. and a green pipe on the platform behind them. Enter the pipe and jump on the P Switch to make several Blue Coins appear. You'll need to touch all of the coins within the time limit to make the Green Star appear. This is a lot easier if you have several Double Cherry clones.

Star 3: Leave the pipe and slide your way down the Beep Block slide. Make sure to jump when necessary to switch to a different color. When you get to the bottom you'll see two P Panels. One character needs to stand on either panel at the same time to unlock a Green Star.

World 4-4: Big Bounce Byway (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Star 1: Make your way through the level and up the Mushroom Trampolines until you get to an area with three green Hop-Chop enemies. Jump on one's head to turn it into a springboard to get the Green Star in the cliff behind you.

Star 2: Grab the green springboard and continue with it to the right. If it turns back into a Hop-Chop, you'll need to defeat it again to make it turn back into a springboard. Just past the checkpoint flag, you'll see two angeled Mushroom Trampolines going up and down the cliff face. Use the springboard to jump onto one of the Mushroom Trampolines and then ride it upwards. Bounce between the two pads to grab the second Green Star.

Star 3: Continue on and enter the pink Warp Box next to the wooden sign. Defeat the three Hop-Chops to turn one into a springboard. Now jump on it and grab the Star.

Stamp: Bounce your way along the large Mushroom Trampoline while avoiding Biddybuds. There's an area where several of these bugs are flying around a Stamp. You'll need to defeat them to grab it safely. It helps if you have a Fire Flower or Super Bell so you can attack them and get them out of your way.

World 4-Mystery House: Mystery House Mad Dash (10 Stars)

This is a gauntlet of Stars. You'll need to complete these tasks in order if you want to get all 10 Stars.

Star 1: You have 10 seconds to bounce along the Jump Panels and reach the Green Star near the highest cliff.

Star 2: Within 10 seconds, you need to make it past the Horned Ant Troopers and grab the Star.

Star 3: In less than 10 seconds, run towards the camera and jump over any wooden boxes that get in your way until you reach the Star.

Star 4: You've got 10 seconds to run past the two rows of Spikes and avoid their spiked rollers to reach the Green Star at the end.

Star 5: In 10 seconds or less, you need to wind your way along the wooden path and reach the Green Star.

Star 6: With the help of the Dash Panel, run underneath the row of Thwomps and grab the Green Star within 10 seconds.

Star 7: Jump across the swinging platforms and use the third one to jump and grab the Green Star within 10 seconds.

Star 8: Within a 10-second time limit, run past the horde of Goombas and Mini Goombas and reach the Green Star at the end. It helps to have a Super Bell and attack them with cat swipes.

Star 9: You have 10 seconds to run along the wooden planks avoiding Cat Bonzai Bills until reaching a Green Star.

Star 10: In 10 seconds or less, you need to run across the disappearing Donut Blocks and avoid being hit by spiked rollers, and then reach the Star at the end.

World 4-B: Fire Bros. Hideout #1 (1 Star)

Star 1: Defeat the three red Fire Bros. to earn this Star. To do that, dodge their fireballs and then jump on their heads or cat claw them when there's an opening.

World 4-5: Spike's Lost City (3 Stars, 1 Stamp)

Stamp: As you're making your way past all of the Spike enemies, you'll notice a stone platform coming out from the ramp. Run along this towards the camera to find the Stamp.

Star 1: Enter the pipe on the top right of the level and then step on all of the Blue ? Panels to turn them into Yellow ! Panels. This will unlock a Green Star.

Star 2: Head past the checkpoint flag and jump your way along the swinging platforms with spike rollers. Next, you'll see a ramp with spike rollers coming down it. Make your way to the top of this ramp and then use a Super Bell to climb up the cliff near the camera view as a cat. A Green Star is hiding up there.

Star 3: Jump past the next set of swinging platforms with spike rollers. The platform on the far left has a Green Star.

World 4-Castle: Lava Rock Lair (3 Stars, 1 Stamp, 1 Boss)

Star 1: If you're playing with friends, at least one of you needs to stand on either P Panel to make a bridge drop down so you can get the first Green Star. If you're playing solo, you'll need to ground pound a Brolder near the start of the level and then pick it up and carry it to the P Panel. Throw the Brolder on one P Panel and then step on the other one to lower the bridge.

Star 2: Go through the Clear Pipe Cannon and then jump into the Warp Box. Two Brolders will appear and you'll have 10 seconds to step on all three P Panels at the same time to get a Star. If you are playing with two people or less, you'll need to quickly ground pound the boulders and then throw them on two of the P Panels before stepping on the third one yourself.

Stamp: Someone in your party must be turned into a cat to get this Stamp. On the opposite side of the bridge from the Warp Box, climb up the stone until you reach a platform with the Stamp on it.

Star 3: You'll now need to cross a bridge over lava. You'll see a Green Star floating off to the left. Ground pound a Brolder and then throw it at the Star to claim it.

Boss: Boss Brolder: Grab one of the smaller Brolders and then throw it at Boss Brolder three times to defeat him. You'll need to avoid his attack and projectiles between each hit.

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