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Which fitness trackers have the best battery life

You can workout for months without a recharge with these long-lasting fitness trackers.

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Best fitness apps for iPhone

Sometimes you need a little extra motivation. Or maybe you need a hand keeping track of your fitness goals. Check out our favorite fitness apps for iPhone!

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Best Fitness Gifts 2017

It used to be that a pair of running shoes and some clean workout clothes were all the fitness gear you needed. These days, a beats-blasting playlist and a fitness tracker are as essential to a good workout as anything else.

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Apple Watch + roller derby = love

The Watch has done for me what no other health gadget has: tracked my full-contact sport and kept me accountable.

One of the chief reasons I've been so excited for the Apple Watch these past few months is the possibility of using it to properly track my movement and exercise day-to-day. Four nights a week I play roller derby, a full-contact sport on quad roller skates, which has proven... difficult for most health and fitness gadgets to track. Steps aren't tracked nor helpful when you're talking about wheeling around, nor can most devices be worn without fear of them falling off or otherwise being destroyed.

But two weeks in, not only is the Apple Watch giving me proper tracking data for my full-contact sport — it's making me healthier all-around.

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Apple Watch to ship with all previously announced health features

Mainstream reporting on Apple is often sensational and superficial. Once and a while it's also stupefying. That's the case with this story about the Apple Watch, where it seems details of Apple testing various different health sensors during the normal course of their product development cycle somehow got warped and twisted into something profoundly stupid.

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Conquer your fitness resolutions with Fitstar Yoga

While my fitness resolutions tend to be based around the roller derby season rather than New Year's, they remain a popular January tradition. If you're looking for a fitness resolution for the new year, I'm going to suggest something for you right here: Fitstar Yoga.

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Endomondo's fitness tracking app ties into HealthKit and adds interactive notifications

Endomondo has just released an update for its app that brings with it integration with Apple's new Health app along with iOS 8 compatibility. The app now allows you to share tracking data to the Health app for calories and cycling, walking, and running distances.

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Apple Watch sports built-in health monitoring system

The brand new Apple Watch announced at the iPhone 6 event today will include a heart rate monitor on the rear of the watch's face. Using both visible and infrared light through sapphire lenses to figure out your heart rate, and thanks to connectivity with your iPhone, you can get GPS tracking packed in there too. The Apple Watch will happily give you rewards for meeting fitness goals, and keep estimate your daily calorie burn.

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Endomondo Life app offers all-day fitness tracking

Endomondo, which has long been doing fitness tracking through GPS and accelerometer readings, has released a new app exclusively for the iPhone 5s which aims to emulate a lot of what wearable fitness trackers do. The iPhone 5s has an M7 coprocessor which can quietly hum along all day with minimal battery impact while it's tracking movement, Endomondo life uses that in order to estimate how many calories are burned throughout the day.

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Superhero Workout turns exercise into a game

Superhero Workout is a new game for iPhone and iPad that uses motion recognition from the device's camera to track your exercise and frame it as a game. In it, you're a heroic power armor pilot and you have to quickly switch between exercises in order to power up the Aegis Battlesuit systems, avoid incoming projectiles, and unleash attacks of your own.

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