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Best iPad 2 cases

When it comes to iPad 2 cases, everyone has an opinion on which type is best -- hard, soft, waterproof, leather, or skin case

What type of iPad 2 case do you like best?

Apple has sold 55 million iPads to date, including a ton of iPad 2s, and all I can think about is all those beautiful, breakable screens, and elegant, scratch-able aluminum backs in need of the best iPad 2 case possible to protect them. We've reviewed a bunch of iPad 2 cases here on iMore already, and we'll be reviewing a bunch more in the coming weeks, and the sheer variety of iPad 2 cases is staggering -- from the thinnest of skins to the strongest of hard shells.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all styles of iPad 2 case. Do you value form or function? Style or security? Gloss or grip? Protection or low-profile? A lot will depend on what you do with your iPad. A construction site has different iPad case requirements than a vacation on the lake or a trip to a trade show. And now that all the basics have been covered -- how many little black iPad cases can one girl or guy own? -- manufacturers are getting more creative with materials and molding. iPad cases can now be about fashion and fun as well. Cool colors, terrific textures, and niche needs are all being covered now. And the very best iPad 2 cases bring all of that together, and more.

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Incipio shows off their 2012 iPhone case lineup including their first Eco Case

Live at CES 2012, accessory maker Incipio showed us their new lineup of iPhone cases, including their first cases made of recycled materials.

  • Code is a three part case that includes interchangeable, shock absorbing, translucent hexagram inserts for extra shock-absorbing power.
  • Le Deux has a padded aluminum backplate that provides a subtle, simple design with interter-changable parts for a customized look.
  • Kross incorporates a mechanical shock-absorbing design and a Santoprene center to provide extra protection against drops and impact.
  • Specialist is also shock absorbing and ready for rugged use, but is slimmer and sleeker for those who want easier portability.
  • Eco Case is the traditional Silicrylic design with a new, environmentally friendly bio-plastics and recycled plastics materials.
  • Hive Response brings the honeycomb look and extra-grip feel of Incipio's iPad and iPod line to the iPhone in a variety of fun colors.

Again, we're seeing case makers trying to figure out what they can do now that protection is covered and differentiation is the key.

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Incipio shows off their next generation Offgrid Pro battery case for iPhone

Live at CES 2012, accessory maker Incipio shows us their next-generation Offgrid Pro case for iPhone. The big difference with the Offgrid Pro is that it has user-swappable batteries so that if you're going to be away from power for a really long time, you can back just as many 1700mAh cartridges as you need.

The Offgrid Pro will be available "soon", and will ship with two batteries, the charger, the case, and the band.

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Eton Mobius battery cases for iPhone features solar charging

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We had a chance to take a close look at the Eton Mobius battery case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S here at CES 2012. This case not only features an 1800 mAh battery backup system but a solar charging panel on the back as well. Set your phone face down to gain a solar charge.

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Incipio DRX case for iPhone 4 -- accessory review

The Incipio DRX case for iPhone 4 is, in my opinion, one of Incipio's best cases to date -- and they've made some very good cases. Everything from the way it feels in your hand to how it adds virtually no bulk to your iPhone makes it a great investment. It also offers decent protection as well.

Click through for a complete review and some pictures!

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TiPb TV 18: Ultimate iPad case sledding challenge

You asked us to put the Otterbox Defender head-to-head against the Incipio Destroyer in a proper, traditional Smartphone Experts style review and... I thought to heck with that. We're doing an Amazing Case episode of TiPb TV. No, not a Jiu-Jitsu death-match or scratch test or water torture, this time we're taking the Defender and the Destroyer out onto the frigid Canadian slopes, we're putting them up against ice and snow and mud and rocks -- we're literally putting our butts on the line to stress test them for the TiPb nation!

We've previously taken a look at how to put on and take off the Destroyer and how to install and remove the Defender. This time we took them... sledding! Now the Defender's outer layer is silicon (Destroyer puts that layer inside) and non-stick might be great for grip but not for racing down a hill. So we had to take that off. Destroyer is also literally screwed together. With differences like that, could it be a fair test? Could we figure out which one would best keep your iPad protected (and me alive?)

Hit play and find out!

[Special thanks to @marcedwards from Bjango for the 1-star rating t-shirts. Meh!]

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Incipio NGP Matte Case for iPad - accessory review

The Incipio NGP Matte Case is made from semi-rigid next generation polymer (NGP) that is tear and elongation resistant. Even though the case is rather thin, there's no denying its durability. It also provides necessary friction to keep the iPad from sliding from your lap while still feeling soft to the touch. Although the Incipio NGP Matte Case is tear resistant, it is not scratch resistant. I have only used this case while at home, yet the back has obtained some prominent scratch marks.

This skin allows easy access to all ports and buttons. To provide some additional protection, the case covers the volume and power buttons, however,the material is molded to fit over the buttons perfectly, so it is still very easy to use them.

The Incipio NGP Matte Case is available in five stylish colors: black, confetti, sage, gunmetal, and cerulean and is available in the TiPb iPad Accessory Store. If you're looking for a good durable skin case, be sure to check this one out!

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TiPb TV 03: iPhone Case vs. Naked

Should you go around with a naked iPhone or do you need a case? If you do need a case, what kind should you get? That's a question we get asked all the time and it's the topic for the third episode of our new, conversational video podcast, TiPb TV.

Rene and I discuss the pros and cons of bare, barely there, and full on armor for iPhone 4. We also show off several of our favorite cases including the Case Mate Chrome and Ivy, the Incipio Ultra Light, the Golla Bag, the Otterbox Defender, and more.

We take on the argument of case vs. case vs. naked, the cost and benefits of protecting against the bumps and scratches of avoiding bulk. So if you've been trying to decide which type of case is best for you, or if you're daring to go bare with no case on at all, we'll help you make the best choice possible.

Watch along and then leave us a comment and tell us -- which case, if any, do you use?

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How to put on (and take off) an Incipio Destroyer case for iPad

The Incipio Destroyer Case for iPad is a cute name for something that's supposed to protect your precious iPad, but protect it does. Like a tank. Seriously. It bloody well comes with a tool to secure it on and off! Does that make it difficult? Not really. I found it rather intuitive actually.

Check out the video above to see me give a try, and there are a few pictures of the final results, after the jump!

[Sponsored: If you want an Incipio Destroyer Case for iPad of your very own, pick one up at the TiPb iPad Accessory Store.]

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Incipio Silicrylic Case for iPad- accessory review

This week I am looking at the Incipio Silicrylic Case for iPad. This is a two-part case not unlike the Case-Mate Hybrid Touch Case where you have a silicone inside layer and a hard outside layer. The goal being to provide extra durable shock protection.

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