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US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ditching BlackBerry in favor of iPhone and iPad

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will soon be ditching their BlackBerrys in favor of iPhones and iPads. They will continue to support the BlackBerry platform until May 12, 2012 according to a memo issues February 3rd.

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Best iPhone app for cloud storage: Dropbox review

"When it comes to storing and syncing files online, Dropbox's accessibility from multiple platforms, easy to use interface, free starting service, and reasonably priced professional services make it hard to beat."

Dropbox is one of several high-profile cloud storage and sync solutions, but it comes out on top due to its fantastic iPhone (and iPad) support, multi-platform availability, easy to use interfaces, excellent availability and reliability, and highly competitive pricing.

Apple's iCloud is a great way to keep your personal information, your device data, and a few, compatible files like iWork backed up and in sync. However, iCloud doesn't provide anything beyond that. If you want to store files strictly online, if you want to access and edit them from other platforms, if you want past versions of files kept available, if you want an actual filesystem to work with, then iCloud isn't enough. (Anything a previous user of iDisk on MobileMe or .Mac knows and laments.)

Dropbox does all this, easily and transparently, and more.

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Forums: Using iCloud, Screen Brightness Setting, Data Usage

Mid week and things have been rather busy here at iMore thus far. Lots of updates, news and rumors happening.

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Huge energy corporation, Halliburton ditching BlackBerry for iPhone

Halliburton, one of the world's largest energy corporations with over 70,000 employees worldwide, will be making a huge move away from BlackBerrys, to converting their employees to iPhones. For those still not convinced about the iPhone and iOS' place in enterprise, this decision comes after Halliburton did significant research into both Apple's platform and the Android, and decided Apple was the way to go.

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Apple hires Xbox manager to further push iPhone and iPad gaming initiative

In an update to his LinkedIn profile, Microsoft Marketing Manager for Xbox UK, Robin Burrowes, let the world know that he's been hired by Apple to push iOS gaming even further.

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Forums: Launch Center, Location based reminders, Pages and Keynote

With plenty of news happening already this week, we're rolling through content here at iMore. If you happened to miss out on anything, make sure you jump a page or two back and get yourself caught up. Looking for more fun? Need some help? Then the iMore forums is where you want to be. You can register now to get started today and while you're at it, check out some of the threads below:

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Yahoo cancels some of their mobile apps, plans to keep moving and keep innovating

Yahoo has been in the mobile space for quite some time and as such, they've managed amass a good amount of apps, but now -- Yahoo is looking to cut some of their weight and move on.

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iOS beats Android in enterprise activations

Many big-name companies are already switching to the iPhone, and though BlackBerry is the biggest competition in the enterprise arena, iOS is doing a great job of cutting Android out of the picture. According to the latest data from Good Technology, the iPhone 4S was just as popular among businesses as it was among consumers in the last quarter, commanding 31% of enterprise activations.

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Microsoft is planning to bring Xbox Live to Apple iPhone and iPad

Microsoft is planning to bring more Xbox Live experiences to Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, as well as Google's Android platform.

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Forums: Random app appearances, Contacts in the cloud

Mid-week and the Apple news is rolling as we head in into Mac World. We'll be there bringing you the best Mac World has to offer, so make sure you follow along with us both here on the blogs and in the iMore Forums.

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