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The new iPad confirmed to run hotter than last model [Update: Apple statement]

Anecdotal suspicions that the new iPad operated at a noticeably higher temperature than the iPad 2 have been backed up now that someone has pointed an infrared camera at the thing to see what's up. After running GLBenchmark for five minutes, the new iPad ended up being much hotter than the iPad 2 - 33.6 degrees Clesius versus 28.3 degrees Celesius.

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New iPad vs iPad 2: Speaker volume test

One of the things I most eagerly wanted in the new iPad was a better speaker. I didn't expect it, mind, you, but when some early reviewers mentioned the new iPad had the loudest speaker they've ever heard on a tablet, my ears perked up and I became very excited.

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New iPad Retina display tested, found to "better and more accurate than any display you own"

DisplayMate has just run through a set of vigorous tests that compare the new iPad with the iPad 2 and a bunch of other tablets, and have confirmed many of Apple's tall claims about the new Retina display.

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How to use FaceTime to make video calls on the new iPad

One of the greatest features of the new iPad and all iOS devices is FaceTime.

FaceTime is free over Wi-Fi video calling that allows you to see the caller on the other end of the conversation through the iPad's front-facing camera. You can also “swap” cameras and show the caller what is around you using the rear facing camera.

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Share awesome new iPad Retina wallpapers -- every day!

Cases may let us mix up what our iPads look like on the outside, but to keep things fresh and fun on the inside, we need awesome iPad wallpapers for the Lock screen and Home screen. And we need them in Retina display resolution (that's 2042x2042 in this case -- needs to be rotatable). Sure, Apple provides a lot of really high quality, really beautiful looking wallpapers built right in, but for some of us, there are never enough.

Apple's also tend to focus on nature and texture, which is great (the new ones released in iOS 5 are all water-themed). But some people prefer more tech-styled, electronic wallpapers. Some prefer photos of family or friends, or favorite movies, TV shows, or musicians. Some even like their iPad wallpapers a little more naughty than nice (hey, we're not here to judge!)

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How to use Find my iPhone to track down a lost or stolen iPad

You just spent a good deal of cash to purchase the new iPad. Have you given thought as to what you would do if it were lost or stolen?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to “track” your iPad and know exactly where it was at all times? Well, fortunately, there is. If you signed up for Apple's free iCloud service (and we all should) you have an easy way of always locating your iPad –- Find my iPhone.

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AT&T reports single-day record with new iPad sales

AT&T has issued a quick statement that on Friday, the launch day of the new iPad, they reached a significant sales milestone.

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New iPad teardown shows A5X processor made by Samsung, increased die size for quad-core graphics

The fine folks at Chipworks have taken a closer look at the new iPad, particularly at the upgraded A5X processor. They were able to confirm that the new processor was made by Samsung using a 45 nanometer CMOS process.

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New iPad LTE and HSPA+ radio tests

The new iPad brings with it the option for a new, dual radio that brings with it 72Mbps LTE on AT&T and Verizon in the US and Rogers, Telus, and Bell in Canada. Sadly, there's no international LTE support for Australia, Asia, or Europe yet, perhaps due to the differences in LTE segments around the world. However, the new iPad also brings a new 42Mbps HSPA+ radio for AT&T, Canadian, and international carriers that support it. (Technically dual 21Mbps HSPA+ radios.) Those are theoretical speeds though -- what you get in a lab when alone, sitting on top of a tower. In the real world we're often lucky to see half the theoretical speeds, and often considerably less. That's why we put them to the test.

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New iPad vs iPad 2: Retina display tests

The new iPad sports a 9.7-inch, 2048x1536, 264ppi Retina display, which is twice as dense as the iPad 2's equal sized, 1024x1536, 132ppi screen but packs four (4) times as many pixels into the same space. That's exactly what it sounds like -- the new iPad has 4 pixels in the same space the iPad 2 had a 1 pixel.

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