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The new iPad gets unboxed in Vietnam

The new iPad is officially launching this Friday, but as is becoming more common these days, sources in Asia have managed to get their hands on Apple's 3rd generation tablet a few days early and put it through the perfunctory unboxing.

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Following its introduction last week, the idea that the new iPad was "unbeatable" began to get a lot of attention, primarily due to an article with that very title. Indeed, when seeing a product like the new iPad, it's easy to get swept away -- there's just so much technology wrapped in so beautiful a package for such an unbelievable price that it's almost impossible not to. I get that. But it's not true.

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Considering a new iPad with AT&T LTE? Good news, it's expanding to a dozen new cities by early summer

The new iPad drops this week, complete with LTE connectivity, which means we need to start keeping an eye on AT&T's expanding coverage. AT&T has recently announced a bunch of new cities will be getting 4G goodness between April and early summer.

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Editors desk: The new iPad, nothing's unbeatable, the privacy car, and podcasting

The new column. It comes after last week's column 2. If that confuses you, just call it the column (3rd edition). Yeah, I went there. It's been a heckuva week so cut me some slack. We've all been running on equal parts adrenalin and recklessly strong coffee and might soon be going into a collective apoplexy not dissimilar to what I'm sure faced the CEOs of rival tablet manufacturers sometime Wednesday afternoon. Yeah, I went there too. Here's why...

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iPad pre-orders officially sold out, response "off the charts"

Apple has officially stated that pre-orders for the new iPad are sold out, which probably doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who's watched the "shipping by" date at the Apple Online Store slip by a week or several weeks over the last few days.

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Which apps have updated for the new iPad Retina display?

Which app have been updated to look great on the new iPad's impressive 2048x1536 Retina display? Not very many yet by our count, but we expect the floodgates to open when Apple's third generation tablet actually hits the shelves next Friday, and for a steady stream to follow thereafter.

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1080p iTunes video: Is the difference in image quality worth the difference in file size?

Apple has made 1080p TV shows and music available for streaming and purchase via the iTunes Store. The price is the same as the previous 720p HD content, but is the image quality better enough to justify the bigger download sizes and increased storage they'll require?

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Will Sprint be getting the new iPad?

While Sprint added the iPhone 4S to their lineup last October, last week's new iPad event came and went with Sprint decidedly absent from the new iPad carrier announcements. So what's the deal? Will Sprint be getting the new iPad?

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Pad & Quill offers 15% off to iMore readers, teases new cases for the new iPad

Winner of the 2011 iMore Editors Choice Award for favorite iPad case, Pad & Quill is hard at work on a new line of products, including cases specially designed for Apple's new iPad. While there may not seem to be too many differences between last year's iPad and this year's new iPad, when you're dealing with handcrafted designs, and old world materials like wood and leather, it pays to be perfect.

While we're waiting on the new gear, Pad & Quill president Brian Holmes was gracious enough to offer iMore readers %15 off any of their existing models.

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2012 iPad buyers guide

Everything you need to know before buying the new iPad, including how to pick your model, storage capacity, color, and 3G or 4G LTE carrier!

Considering the new iPad but interested in more information before taking the plunge? Should you buy the 2012, third generation iPad at all, or would you be better off with last year's, discounted iPad 2, or another tablet entirely? If you do decide to buy the new iPad, which model do you need, 16, 32, or 64GB? Which color, white or black? And if you go for the 4G LTE version, which network is better, AT&T or Verizon?

This is our 2012 iPad buyers guide. If you have questions, iMore has answers! And if you already know what you're getting, keep think link handy to mail, tweet, or Facebook your friends and family -- we'll help them out so you don't have to!

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