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Ipad 3

iPad pre-orders sold out for launch day, now shipping for March 19

Looks as if the initial stock of pre-orders for the new iPad have sold out, with current orders now showing Ships by March 19th for U.S. customers. That means you can still order an new iPad, of course, you just have to wait longer to get it.

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The new iPad and Bluetooth 4.0: "Smart Ready" for even better wireless accessories

One quiet little addition to the new iPad is Bluetooth 4.0, complete with a little something called "Smart Ready". What does that mean, exactly? For one, it's lower-energy than the last iteration, which is always good news.

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The new iPad battery: Same great lifespan, tons more capacity

The new iPad clocks in at 42.5 watt-hours, which works out to 11,666 mAh. That is a solid 70% boost to capacity over the iPad 2's 6,944 mAh battery. The new iPad maintains the established 10-hour lifespan standard, and even if you're active over LTE rather than Wi-Fi, you're still getting a very respectable 9 hours of life.

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Apple begins to ship initial orders for the new iPad

ooks like some of the iMore staff, readers, and forum members are already getting shipment notifications from Apple for the new iPad's they ordered on event day, March 7.

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iPhone & iPad Live 284: The new iPad

Georgia, Rene, and David Barnard of Appcubby are in full post-game mode, reviewing everything Apple announced at the new iPad event, including iOS 5.1, the new Apple TV, the new iPad, and more. This is iPhone & iPad Live!

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Can you jailbreak the new iPad, AppleTV, and iOS 5.1?

Will you be able to jailbreak the new iPad and the just-released iOS 5.1 software? If you're a jailbreaker like me, that's probably the first question you asked yourself following Apple's big even yesterday. I know it's the question a lot of you are asking us.

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The new iPad already facing supply shortages, new orders shipping in 1-3 weeks

Have you pre-ordered your new iPad yet? If not, you could be in for a bit of a wait. It seems that Apple have pushed back the shipping date in most counties. The Apple Store now displays 'Delivers between the 16th and the 20th March'. In the UK, it's even worse with '2-3 weeks'.

People in the US, have a little while longer to go yet; however Apple are warning that the new iPad is in 'limited supplies', so they could be seeing a delay very soon.

Did you manage to get your order in? If so, when are you expecting delivery

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Buy vs upgrade vs skip: Should you get the new iPad?

If you don't have an iPad, is the new iPad worth making it your first? If you already have an original iPad or iPad 2, is the new iPad worth upgrading to? How about if you're using a BlackBery, webOS, or Android tablet, or a Windows netbook? To buy, to upgrade, or to skip and wait for the next one (or something else) is the bottom line for all of us. Is the new iPad just an iterative update or a must have, and for whom?

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Why "the new iPad" is a terrible name

During Apple's new iPad event yesterday, I (among others) were waiting for the other shoe to drop: what are they going to name the new iPad? From the get-go, it was being only being referred to as "the new iPad".

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16GB vs 32GB vs 64GB: Which new iPad storage capacity should you get?

So you've decided to take the plunge and get the new iPad and you've chosen both the carrier and the color you want, but you aren't sure which storage capacity size to go with? The difference between 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB isn't just how much stuff you can put on it, but $100-$200 in up front costs, so it's worth thinking about.

Here's the breakdown.

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