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Incipio dermaSHOT case for iPad

Incipio dermaSHOT case for iPad is high-density silicone protection in black, pink, green, or blue. As a bonus, it's designed to protect your precious iPad without collecting excess and annoying lint.

It's not the thinnest skin in the store but the thickness does provide extra protection against those little bumps and scrapes that would otherwise impact the device. (Except for the area directly over the Apple logo on the back -- that's left thin and translucent of course...)

The incipio dermaSHOT case for iPad includes a screen protector and is available now from the TiPb iPad accessory store.

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Case-Mate Gelli Checkmate Case for iPad - accessory review

The Case-Mate Gelli Checkmate Case for iPad is a beautiful way to add grip and color to your iPad. It is made with a soft silicone base that makes holding your iPad easy and much more secure.

The Case-Mate Gelli is easy to apply and remove from your iPad. The case is translucent so it allows the back of your iPad to still show through. The case also has a triangle pattern on it which gives the case a bit of style in comparison to a regular plain silicone case. The case is very easy to put on the iPad and has open spaces to allow for all the buttons and ports and controls. The case goes over the edges of the iPad so it will protect the iPad against minor impacts.

Case-Mate Gelli Checkmate Case is about 2 to 3 mm in thickness at it greatest points so it is still lightweight but also durable. This case is a nice silicone case as it has good grip but does not feel sticky as some other silicone cases can. I have been using this case for a week and I am quite happy with it. I would have liked if it came with a screen protector.

If you like silicone cases and you like the color selection then the Case-Mate Gelli Checkmate Case for iPad could be what you're looking for.

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Clamcase turns your iPad into a netbook

With the iPad's support for keyboards via Bluetooth, the dock, and even low-power USB, we all the "turn your iPad into a netbook" accessories coming, right? Clamcase seems to be first out of the gate, with renders of what they claim will be shipping later this year.

The concept is simple, the "case" holds your iPad like a screen and is hinged to a Bluetooth keyboard. There's no Bluetooth trackpad functionality for the iPad, however, but that means you get extra space to rest your hands between screen swipes and pinches.

Since iPhone OS 4 includes keyboard support for the iPhone and iPod touch as well, I'm guessing we'll see similar products offering to turn those into clamshells or sliders as well.

Check out the video after the break and let us know -- you want?

[Clamcase via MacRumors]

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Just get an iPad Wi-Fi + 3G? Here's what you need next!

Today the day Apple's iPad Wi-Fi + 3G finally goes on sale which means a bunch of you are waiting by the door for the delivery truck or getting ready to head out to the Apple Store and pick one up. While you're waiting, or once you get it and come back, you might be wondering what's next? Don't worry, TiPb's got your back:

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Give-away: Joule stand for iPad by Element Case

We've already pointed you towards Element Case's Joule stand for iPad but now we've had some hands-on time with both the polished aluminum (with custom TiPb logo!) and anodized black versions and we can tell you ourselves -- they're stunners.

If you're looking for a high-end way to show off your new iPad, portrait or landscape, high for watching or low for typing, the Joule just might be it.

You can see the fancy retail packaging in the video below (online orders come in more practical mailers), but no matter how it arrives it includes the velvet lined base with cut-out for the iPad speakers and three position mounts for the support leg -- and a microfiber cleaning cloth (since Apple forgot to include it with the iPad).

Starting at $129 and with customizable options, it's not the cheapest solution but if you want something with high-quality material and workmanship to really show off your iPad, you get what you pay for.

Or, hey, if you want one for free Element Case has graciously offered to give a few away to our awesome TiPb readers. We're debuting our new iPad Live! podcast this Sunday night at 5pm PT/8pm ET and during the show we'll be giving away the Joule stands. So tune in Sunday, or head over to elementcase.com and order anytime!

Pics and video after the break!

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How to apply a screen protector to your iPad [sponsored]

If you're looking to protect your big, beautiful iPad screen from scratches or just cut down on the glare, here's a quick how-to on applying a screen protector to your iPad.

It's a simple process but one that needs to be done right, so take your time and check out the step-by-steps and video after the break!

[Sponsored by the TiPb iPad accessory store]

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Quick Review: Apple iPad Case

Apple debuted their iPad Case [$39.00 - Apple Store link] alongside the iPad itself, and had it available for sale the very same day. An elegant black folder with subtle Apple logo meant to cover your iPad like a book, let it stand like a picture frame, or prop it like a keyboard. An attempt at both form and function. Attempt being the key word.

The material is "soft touch" -- designed to make it tackier and easier to grip -- and it really does make the iPad less-likely to slip from your hands or off you lap. However, as much as it sticks to you, dirt seems to stick to it. Smudges, streaks, and light colored stains cling to the thing.

There are the usual cutouts for buttons and rockers, speakers and mics, but a curious ridge that runs along the side almost as though no trimming was done at the factory. It's obviously meant to be there but it's annoying and oughtn't be.

A small flap on the back lets you tuck the cover in to create the triangular structure needed to stand it up in picture/movie mode or raise it up in typing mode. It fits well and securely.

Steve Jobs has reportedly responded to criticism of the case with a quick "we like it", and I guess we like it too -- we just don't love it.

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iPad Keyboard Dock Hands On

We just took delivery of the iPad Keyboard Dock and what can we say - it's an iPad dock with a keyboard attached to it. Ok, we can say more - the keyboard is excellent, it matches Apple's usual quality with keyboards and while we know some don't like their recent designs as much as the older stuff, we do. The keyboard dock is also heavy, we'd guess at least a pound. The obvious benefit there is that, unlike the standard dock, when you lift the iPad out the keyboard stays put.

The dock works like a standard iPad dock with a charging port and line-out on the back - though unfortunately it doesn't come with any cables or a 2nd charger. At $69.99, that would be nice to see but it's not entirely surprising.

The keyboard has some nice functional touches as well. You can (obviously) use the shift + arrow keys to select text; command + X/C/V works for cut, copy, and paste; and finally there are is a row of buttons at the top for various iPad functions. You can jump to the homescreen, go to Spotlight search, adjust brightness, start the lock-screen slideshow, toggle the on-screen keyboard, control the iPod, adjust volume, and finally instantly lock the screen with the top row. Another nice bit is that hitting any button immediately turns on the iPad without forcing you to slide-to-unlock.

So it's a nice keyboard and has Apple's standard elegance. Unfortunately it's not a great travel keyboard - both the weight and the fact that the stand doesn't fold down means that road warriors will likely be doing some very serious soul searching when they think about tossing it in their gear bag.

Video hands-on and gallery after the break!

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Just get an iPad? Here's what you need next!

Today Apple's iPad finally went on sale which means a bunch of you just scored one and now, the unboxing done, the device powered up, the initial exploration done, you're looking at it and trying to figure out what you need to do next. Don't worry, TiPb's got your back:

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iPad Accessories Available for Preorder - Save 10% Now!!

The TiPb Accessory Store now has new iPad Accessories available for pre-order. Order between now and April 14th and use coupon code iPad10 to get an additional 10% off on your entire order! (excludes shipping)

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