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A7 in the iPad: more power, more savings

Going in to yesterday’s Apple Mac and iPad event, the expectation was that we would get new iPads. The good money was also that these new iPads would get new processors. The previous two generations of iPads had followed the introduction of new iPhones and had incorporated an upgraded version of that processor. But the new iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini? They both sport the A7 processor as the month-old iPhone 5s.

The A7 is a 64-bit 1.3GHz dual-core CPU coupled with what’s believed to be a PowerVR G6430 GPU. The A7 has an advanced image signal processor, a “secure enclave” for storing and processing the Touch ID fingerprint sensor data, and offloads accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass motion-tracking to a dedicated low-power M7 coprocessor. The A7 is a powerful beast, but is it enough to handle an iPad?

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T-Mobile unveils "free data for life" for iPads - internationally, too

Apple on Tuesday unveiled new iPads that will ship in November. And with them, Apple tipped T-Mobile's hand by noting that they're available as a 4G iPad/iPad mini carrier. What's more, the basic option of 200MB per month is available for free. Now T-Mobile has outlined more details about their new plan.

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Apple announces retina iPad mini, available November 1 for $399

Apple has just announced a retina iPad mini which will push the same amount of pixels as its older sibling, the iPad Air. It will also feature the same 10 hours of battery life as well.

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Apple 2013 iPad & Mac event preview

We're only hours away from Apple's 2013 iPad and Mac event, and just like the invitation says, there's a lot left to cover. Last year we got the improved iPad 4, all new iPad mini, redesigned iMac, and the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro. This year we're looking forward to a thinner, lighter iPad 4, Retina iPad mini 2, the all new Mac Pro, Haswell chipset-based MacBook Pro bumps, and... well, that's the real question, isn't it?

Tim Cook will come out and talk Apple Retail and Apple core values. Phil Schiller will show off new iOS and Mac hardware. Craig Federighi will demonstrate new features. Eddy Cue will take us to the iClouds. Jony Ive and Dan Riccio will show up in the videos. But what will they be talking about?

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Imagining iPad mini 2: Retina display and the gold play?

When the iPad mini launched it garnered universal acclaim for its smaller, thinner, and lighter 7.9-inch form factor that looked light-years ahead of the then 4th generation iPad. Slightly cheaper, the only thing it really seemed to lack was the high density Retina display of its 9.7-inch elder sibling. The reason for that? Retina is hard. You can have Retina, you can have lightness, and you can have battery life, but not all three at the same time. At least not back then. So what about now? Has time let technology catch up? Can Apple ship a Retina iPad mini in 2013?

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Logitech's new iPad mini keyboard is thin, light and promises great battery life

Logitech is having another crack at making a killer iPad mini case with the release of this, the Ultrathin Keyboard Folio. As the name implies, it's a ridiculously thin folio case for the iPad mini, that packs a Bluetooth keyboard within so you can get down to some serious typing.

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Apple reportedly still considering Retina iPad mini, perhaps multi-colored, for this fall

The long rumored Retina iPad mini might become reality this fall according to yet more rumors about Apple's small-sized tablet. This time the supplier-based reporting comes by way of Lorraine Luk of the Wall Street Journal:

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Nexus 7 (2013) gets reviewed, kicks off round 2 of the iPad mini fight

The new Nexus 7, the 2013 edition, was unveiled last week, beating the current iPad mini on specs, including display density, and trouncing it on price. Yet in terms of tablet software, the story remained the same - more big phone apps than real tablet apps. But with those specs, that cheap, will anyone care? Android Central's Andrew Martonik has just finished his complete Nexus 7 review and here's his take:

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What's more important to you for the next iPad mini, battery life or Retina Display? [Poll]

What's more important to you for the next iPad mini, battery life or a Retina display?

Small tablets are back in the news this week with Google's new, 1080p capable Nexus 7, prompting many folk to question why Apple can't do the same with the iPad mini. It isn't quite as simple as slapping on a 1080p display, and there are many things to consider in a theoretical Retina equipped iPad mini. One big one is battery life; Apple won't ship until they've managed to get the battery life to their liking, so we're asking you guys. What's more important to you for the next iPad mini, battery life or a Retina Display.

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If the new Nexus 7 can have a Retina-like screen, why can't the iPad mini?

If Asus can get Google's new Nexus 7 to Retina-like densities while retaining its small, 7-inch form factor, why can't Apple do likewise and launch an iPad mini Retina? That's a question that's been asked again and again since Google introduced the Nexus 7 earlier this week. Last fall, when Apple launched the iPad mini, it was with their standard 1024x768 panel at 163ppi. Going to Retina would require the double LED backlighting, quad-core GPU, and power demands that come with it. That meant either shorter battery life or a thicker, heavier body, both non-starters for Apple back in October of 2012. So how could Asus do it now, and what does that mean for Apple?

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