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Review Reviews the Palm Pre

We've had a lot to say about the Palm Pre over the last few months, but it pales to insignificance compared to the epic monster of a Palm Pre review our noble Editor-in-Chief, Dieter Bohn, has just dropped on sibling site

There are Pre Reviews & then there are huge Pre Reviews with 12 videos and photo galleries w/ 200 images for companions

Well. Done. Sir.

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Review: Plantronics Voyager 855 Bluetooth Headset

With WWDC 2009 right around the corner, there is excitement in the air. The iPhone OS 3.0 software and a highly possible next generation iPhone are right around the corner. Now what does this have to with the Plantronics Voyager 855 Bluetooth Headset? The answer to that question is simple - A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). Finally A2DP is coming to an iPhone near you... unless you still plan on keeping that first generation iPhone. (Sadly, for A2DP, you guys will need to upgrade to a current 3G model or the soon-to-be-announced next generation hardware.)

So, iPhone 3G owners, what better way to get a jump on things than by picking up the Plantronics Voyager 855 Bluetooth Headset?! It is available in TiPb's sibling store WMExperts for a cool $69.95. After the break, a full review!

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Review: DLO HybridShell Clear With Black Grips for iPhone 3G

The DLO HybridShell Clear with Black Grips for iPhone 3G is available from The iPhone Blog Store for $24.95. If you are looking for a clear plastic case with "grip", this case might be for you!. Let’s see how it measures up after the break!

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Review: Case-Mate Vroom for iPhone 3G

[Ed: New Case-Mate Vrooms in new spectacular colors now available in the TiPb iPhone Store! - Rene]

The iPhone 3G certainly has a ton of case options. Everyone has their own take on what constitutes a good iPhone case—some prefer silicone, others want a hard plastic, some prefer loud cases, others search for more subtle options. We take a look at a lot of cases here at TiPb and there’s a different qualification for the case we’re about to take a look at—this falls under the ‘fun’ category.

The Case-Mate Vroom for iPhone 3G ($14.95) is a subtly-fun designed rubber case. From afar the Vroom case looks like a basic, black silicone case that protects the back of the iPhone 3G. Upon closer inspection, whoa what?! The back has tire tread!

Is this merely a gimmick? How cool is it?

Read on for the rest of the review!

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Review: iharmonix Pro i-Series Stereo Headset for iPhone

The iPhone and music pretty much go hand and hand. Your music deserves to be played through a more than decent stereo headset, one that can deliver clear, clean, crisp sound at any volume. That said, I jumped at the chance to try out the iharmonix Pro i-Series Stereo Headset and put it through some serious usage. You can purchase this exact headset right in TiPb's very own store, for the low price of $39.95. Honestly, I did not know what to expect while waiting for UPS to drop these babies off but I will admit, I was pleasantly surprised. For a full review, read on after the break!

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Pre-Review: Motorola S9 Stereo Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 3.0

Come this "summer", iPhone 3.0 -- see our walkthrough -- will allow iPhone 3G (and perhaps next-generation iPhone users) to enjoy new Bluetooth functionality including stereo headsets, both the A2DP audio and ARCP control protocols. For consumers, the Motorola S9 Stereo Bluetooth headset (available from our sibling store, WMExperts) may be an option you want to consider come release day. For developers testing using the A2DP/ARCP profiles on the iPhone 3.0 Beta, they might even be something you want to consider now.

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Review: Case-Mate Barely There Case for iPhone 3G

The Case-Mate Barely There case for the iPhone 3G, available for $19.95 from the TiPb iPhone Store, is designed to accomplish several things:

  • Protect your iPhone from minor impact and abuse (e.g. bumps and scratches)
  • Do so without adding significant bulk or making it un-pocketable (if that's how you roll)
  • And to look good while doing it.

How well does it hit these targets, and what if anything could it do better? Find out in our review...

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Review: The Case-Mate Dockster Leather Case for iPhone 3G

The Case-Mate Dockster Leather Case for iPhone 3G is available and can be purchased in iMore Store for $34.95. If you are looking for a case that is slim and dockable, then this case might be for you. Let's see how it measures up after the break!

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Review: Egrips for the iPhone 3G

Let me start off by saying I'm not usually a fan of any protective skins for any cell phones that are currently on the market. I've found that Egrips for iPhone 3G have to sway me in a different direction, however, and I've found they can be quite valuable. If you'd like a more confident grip on your iPhone 3G, then Egrips available from The iPhone Blog Store for the price of $14.95, just may be what you are looking for.

For a more in depth look, keep reading after the break!

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Review: Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

I've never found a good compact headset. The default Apple ear buds that ship with the iPhone (and every iPod) just don't stay in my (must be mutant) ears. Likewise every other earbud I've tried had fallen out in the matter of seconds. Even the ones with over-ear hooks flop to the sides with annoying consistency. And Apple's original in-ear headset? Didn't quite fit in my ears so I gave them to my sister.

So it was with great and possible anticipointment that I decided to brave this world again and hope beyond hope that not only would Apple's new In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic work well and be convenient, but that it would work at all.

Did it? Find out after the break!

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