Take $20 off the Xbox wireless controller and play some games

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The day after Cyber Monday is mostly a day filled with expired deals and dead URLs. It's so nice to find one or two deals that actually survive the onslaught of online shoppers. Right now you can get the black Xbox Bluetooth controller on Amazon. This price is also matched at Walmart. These controllers normally sell for $59. While we regularly see them go on sale, the drop to $39 is about as low as they ever get. Unfortunately only the black version is down to this price. The other colors and variations are all selling around that regular $59 price.


Xbox Bluetooth controller for Xbox One and Windows 10

Did you get some new hardware yesterday? Maybe a game or two on Black Friday? The Xbox controller has Bluetooth so it can connect easily to Windows 10 PCs and tablets. Keep a spare around if you already have one.

I am not the Xbox One gamer I used to be. I've been playing games on my PC a lot more these days. Even got myself a fancy new 1440p 144Hz monitor over Black Friday. The great thing about these controllers is how easily they work on Windows PCs. Sometimes you just miss the feel of one of Microsoft's all-time best designed gaming controllers. And I sort of like it when I'm playing cross platform games with my friends who are still on Xbox.

If you're still on the console, this controller will work with any version of the Xbox One, including the original, the Xbox One S, and the Xbox One X. Maybe you just need a spare for when your controller gets thrown across the room. Or you could get a second one for some couch co-op with your friends at home.

You won't lose track of your targets thanks to the textured grip that keeps your hands focused on the game at hand. Plus, this version has advanced Bluetooth technology so it works at twice the range of previous generations. You can connect up to eight wireless controllers to your Xbox at once, and they have seamless pairing so you won't have to keep finding the controller over and over. These do feature a 3.5mm audio jack, too, so you can plug in headphones.

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