Tennessee couple's lost iPad survives two-week journey through rain and snow

Most people likely have at least one interesting tale about losing something valuable at one point or another, but this story of one Tennessee couple's misplaced iPad takes the cake.

As described in the clip above, Bob and Anne Smith frantically went searching for their lost iPad after Bob had mistakenly left it resting on the car before heading out to get a haircut. After an unsuccessful search, the iPad was ultimately left out in the rain and snow for two weeks before being found by a Tennessee Department of Transportation employee on the side of Interstate 65.

Ultimately, the iPad found its way back to the Smiths and, after a long rice bath, was in perfect working order — albeit with some cracks and scuffs.

If the Smiths' story caught your attention, our own Serenity Caldwell recently had her own distressing experience with a lost iPad that's worth a read. And if you have your own interesting experience with lost tech, be sure to share it with us in the comments below!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster