TextExpander is the latest custom keyboard announced for iOS 8 launch

TextExpander has announced that its custom keyboard will be coming when iOS 8 gets publicly released. Tapping into Apple's new extensions, TextExpander allows you to quickly type information by entering shortcuts; essentially it's typing by shorthand.

"TextExpander touch 3, coming on the heels of iOS 8 this fall, includes a TextExpander keyboard which can expand snippets in any app on the iPhone or iPad, including built-in apps such as Mail and Safari," the developer wrote in a blog post detailing the keyboard.

For example, instead of typing your full name, title, company, and contact information in the signature of your emails, you can just type "sig" on the TextExpander keyboard and your full signature would appear. Similarly, typing just "date" will populate today's date.

A video of the keyboard in action is also available on the developer's blog in the source link.

The keyboard will work with all apps and will also support full VoiceOver accessibility.

TextExpander's custom keyboard is entering a public beta today for developers who have access to iOS 8 beta. You can visit the blog in the source link for details on joining.

What is your favorite custom keyboard that's been announced to date?

Source: TextExpander

Chuong H Nguyen