A benchmark test for the new iPad

Some early benchmarks of the new iPad show that though there's been a bump in RAM up to 1 GB (from 512 MB in the iPad 2), the processor maintains the same 1 GHz clock speed.  These figures were pulled up from the Geek Bench app on a new iPad acquired a bit early by some folks in Vietnam. The tests also give us some idea of the power of the new Apple A5X quad-core graphics processor by assessing floating point performance and graphic streams. The memory managed about 300 MB/second read speeds, and 1 GB/second write.

While it's a little sad for gadget geeks that the new iPad won't be upgrading the CPU, it does have a lot more graphical horsepower for gamers, and the added RAM will help performance across the board. Specs aside, there's no doubt that Apple will be providing a smooth and enjoyable user experience on the new iPad; after all, it's not the size of your processor that matters, it's what you do with it.

Source: Tinh te

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