Sometimes it's nice to have the option to leave your bulky wallet at home and only carry around a little bit of cash and a few valuable cards with you. Wallet cases for your cell phone are a standard solution to this problem; however, wallet cases can be bulky and lack the protection you need to keep your phone safe. Plus, whenever you get a new phone, you have to get a new case.

Adhesive card holders will affix to the back of any phone or phone case you have and let you take just a few cards with you. Here are a few of our favorites!

Cell Phone Wallet by Cellessentials

The simple design of the Cell Phone Wallet by Cellessentials is perfect for carrying around your credit card and ID without standing out from your phone or cases design too much.

The 3M adhesive on the back will stick to any surface, and shouldn't leave any gooey residue on the back of your phone. Plus, the card holder is big enough to fit three cards inside, so you should be able to carry all your important ones.

Cell Phone Wallet by Cellessentials comes in a three pack and three colors (black, gray, or white) for around $7.

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CardNinja Cell Phone Wallet

The high-rated adhesive card holder on Amazon, the CardNinja Cell Phone Wallet has an average of 4.5 stars with over 1,400 reviews.

The CardNinja claims to be able to hold up to four cards at once, thanks to its stretchy spandex-like compartment. This material also has the added benefit of making sure your cards stay in place and don't fall out. The 3M adhesive makes installation a breeze. If you want to take it off, it should be a snap because 3M adhesives are designed to be easy to remove.

The CardNinja Cell Phone Wallet costs around $12 and comes in a wide variety of colors such as black, gold, and blue raspberry. Plus, you can also pick one up with a fancy pattern if you'd like it to stand out from the crowd.

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Bellagio Italia Leather Folding Phone Wallet

If you're looking for a card holder that provides a more prestigious look, the Bellagio Italia Leather Folding Phone Wallet could be for you.

Made from leather, this card holder looks more like a conventional wallet or billfold. It can hold up to four cards at a time, so you shouldn't have to leave your most important ones at home. It's more than just a sleeve. It closes so you're cards will stay safely inside and never fall out.

Bellagio Italia Leather Folding Phone Wallet will add some extra bulk to your phone as it is roughly half an inch thick when closed and it will also cost you a little bit more (approximately $14) for the premium materials

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