Thieves steal iPad, take man's finger with it

In the category of no good deed goes unpunished, a man went to get a iPad for a friend and not only had the iPad stolen from him but also lost his pinkie finger.

He had been asked by a co-worker in Canada to pick him up a iPad. As he was leaving the store with the new iPad, two thieves grabbed for the iPad bag and began to yank. Unfortunately, though the man tried to let go, the thick Apple bag's cord stayed stuck around his fingers and would not release.

Gore alert: the cord ended up shearing the flesh and tendons from the 59 year old victim's finger. The only thing that remained was the bone which had to be amputated later at the hospital. The whole incident was captured on surveillance but as of writing this, no arrests have been made.

The victim did have a few choice words for the thieves, however, saying that they had changed his life forever for a piece of technology which will be junk in a couple of years.

Sadly, the victim had moved from New Jersey to Colorado to get away from a crime that had been committed 15 years ago.

[Engadget via CBS4Denver]


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