This 4-pack of Arlo Pro cameras is down to $500

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If you've looked into home security cameras in the past, odds are that you came across Netgear's Arlo cameras. There are a bunch (maybe too many) of different options available, from single camera packs to six camera packs, and there are also the regular Arlo cameras and the Pro ones. Lots to take in, but don't worry about that.

Right now you can pick up a 4-pack of Netgear's Arlo Pro security cameras for $499.99 at Amazon and Best Buy, which is a savings of $150 from its regular price. We know, $500 is a lot to spend, but when you consider that this 4-pack of cameras is actually cheaper than the 3-pack is right now, and it's only $83 more than a pack that comes with only 2 cameras, the value quickly surfaces.

The Arlo Pro models come with a bunch of additional features that the Arlo cameras don't have. One of the big ones is the built-in siren, which can be used to let people know you see them and that they should get out of an area they shouldn't be. Another big one is that the cameras come with a rechargeable battery that supports fast charging, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors without needing any wires. You'll have free access to the 7 most recent days of cloud recordings and can always upgrade to gain access to even more than that.

This deal is part of Best Buy's Early Black Friday specials, and the discounts are only valid through Saturday evening. Be sure to grab a set of these cameras to enhance the security at home and put yourself at ease that nothing bad is happening while you are away.


  • What makes this deal worth considering? - There are tons of security camera options out there, and finding the right one is no easy task. They vary in price and feature set, but Netgear's Arlo cameras are consistently one of the highest-rated options. This 4-pack of Arlo Pro cameras is actually nearly $20 less than the 3-camera kit is selling for right now, and only $83 more than the 2-camera setup runs.
  • Things to know before you buy! - These cameras are weatherproof, which means you can put them inside or outside, depending on your preference. Each camera has a rechargeable battery that supports fast charging, and the system has a built-in siren for scaring off people who are where they shouldn't be. You'll be able to access 7 days of cloud recordings for free, and you can pay for access to extended periods of time.

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