Grab Aukey's true wireless earbuds on sale for $40 in black or white

I never understood the real value of true wireless earbuds until I had a kid that enjoyed grabbing anything on my face and pulling. He's still got the beard and the glasses to lunge for, but at least with something like Aukey's true wireless earbuds I can eliminate headphones as an option. The Aukey true wireless earbuds are down to $39.59 on Amazon. Use code AUKEYPT16 for the Black version or code AUKEYPT6 for the White version. Make sure the product page says "Sold by Qinxi."

These earbuds connect easily to your smartphone, and once paired will just connect as soon as you pull them from the charging case. They use Bluetooth 4.2, and you can use just one at a time for a single ear mode. The earbuds last three hours on a one-hour charge, and the included case can add another three full charges before you ever need to plug in. Each earbud has a multi-function button and mic built in so you can manage your music and take phone calls. Aukey backs them up with a two-year warranty.

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John Levite

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