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Keep your Apple Pencil safe and stable with this $7 Belkin stand

I absolutely love my Apple Pencil, but it isn't the sturdiest of tech. It likes to roll around, often just far away enough that it becomes a hassle when I reach for it. If you're looking for a secure place to store your Apple Pencil while you're working on a project, check out the Belkin Apple Pencil Stand (opens in new tab), which is on sale for only $7.20 today. Usually, it costs around $20. Today's deal is the lowest we've ever seen the price drop.

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Belkin Apple Pencil Stand (opens in new tab)

That $100 gadget is awesome and everything, until it rolls off a table. Keep it in one place for only $10.

This anodized aluminum base is weighted, so it'll stay sturdy. It's a simple but effective product, giving you a simple place to store your Apple Pencil (opens in new tab). While it doesn't charge your Pencil, it can hold it while it's charging if you connect your cable with something like this female-to-female Lightning connector (opens in new tab). That's still a better solution than the precarious Pencil-in-iPad charging method that some of us are still using, and luckily, those connectors are pretty inexpensive too.

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